Sunday Funday

Sunday, the day of rest… and football… and meal list-making, and grocery list-making… and laundry.  I used to just plan about 3 meals at a time, no real plan for the week, leftovers, or anything really.  So I’ve re-formulated my meal planning.  Now I plan about 10-11 meals, which will last us 14 days or more, a side dish for each meal, and make a “leftover night” about every 3-4 meals (depending on how much we have left).  I try to keep our list relatively small, and not super expensive.  Typically, our 2 weeks or more of meals will cost us about $180.  Not too terrible, at least around here.  In Southern Ohio we have 2 main grocery store chains, Kroger and Meijer.  Usually we do Kroger, but will occasionally hit up Meijer instead.

Today our family took a little trip across town to the Fresh Market store, if you’ve never heard of it, check them out HERE.  First impression?  WOW.  They had some great looking produce and meats… I mean seriously… I wanted everything I saw.  In an effort to put better quality meals on the table for my family, I’ve been wanting to switch to more organic meats and some produce as well.  Problem is… that means more $$$.  Ugh.

But I think it’s a worthy investment, and they have a special every Tuesday where they have ground chuck for 2.99/lb (regularly priced at 4.99/lb) and vegetarian diet, never given antibiotics chicken breasts for 2.99/lb (regularly priced at 5.99).  Seems to be a great deal.  I think I’ll be heading over that way for meat on Tuesdays 🙂

They also had an impressive spice selection.  There was an entire endcap, filled with a TON of spices, sold in more bulk qualities (in bags).  For instance, I needed Chinese 5 Spice for a meal this week, a jar of which was nearly $5, I got more quantity for $3.  Yay!!

Overall, it was too pricey to do major grocery shopping there… but for a few select things, I was impressed.  One of which was a 4 oz container of vanilla bean paste for only $7… helloooooo baking season!

Alright, I should stop blabbing posting, and get started on tonight’s dinner 😉

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