Hello everyone and welcome to my new blog!  Bear with me, as I’ve never blogged before lol.  So, a little about what you can expect to see here… I plan to share meals that I’ve made for my family, recipes, kitchen tips I’ve learned, and stories about my family.  Check back often!


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5 comments on “Welcome!”

  1. You haven’t REALLYYY just started blogging, have you?! Not only do you already have a ridiculously good collection but your pics are perfect, it took me FOR-EVER to get on Gawker and figure out how to halfway take a picture (although I still seriously struggle)… I switched domain names like 86 times, I was all over the place! You have this down!

    • I’m a total noob about blogging lol… I’m a complete perfectionist, which kinda sucks at times, lol. I’m thinking about switching to a self hosted blog site after the new year 🙂 Omg I get denied so much on foodgawker it’s depressing lol. I’ll take a pic, think it looks great, submit it to them… aaaaand they shoot it down lol. I think I have like 26 submissions and 4 were accepted lol. Thank you so much for your compliments and encouragement, they mean a lot!!! 😀

  2. If I had the means I would, I’d love that kitchen as well!!

  3. Lol aww thanks Mom!! I would die if I had a kitchen like that *swoon*

  4. You deserve this kitchen. Just saying josh.