Copycat Mocha Frappe

Make your own McDonald’s Mocha Frappe at home with this easy copycat recipe! It’s the perfect cold coffee drink for Spring and Summer, and many readers have reported they like it better than the original drive-thru version!

This Mocha Frappe copycat recipe is great for an afternoon pick-me-up, and SO delicious!  We love love making our own versions of restaurant favorites at home… like this Copycat Wendy’s Frosty, and Classic Shamrock Shake.  This is one of my Copycat Recipes you’ll definitely want to keep on hand!

Make your own McDonald’s Mocha Frappe at home with this easy copycat recipe! The perfect cold coffee drink for Spring and Summer! #frappe #mocha #copycat #mcdonalds #frozencoffee #coffee #frozen #iced #chocolate


Overpaying for a coffee drink is SO a thing of the past.  This incredibly easy to make copycat mocha frappe tastes better than the original!!

I have a slight, okay, fairly decently sized addiction to McDonald’s Mocha Frappe’s.  They. Are. SO. Good!!  There’s one thing I don’t like though… they can be pricey!

A cheapskate at heart, I just can’t justify spending $4 each time I get a craving… so I went on a mission to find out how to make them at home.

They’re so frothy, so icy, so creamy, and SOOOO full of chocolate and coffee flavor!


  1. Brew coffee and let cool.  Alternatively you could use cold leftover coffee!
  2. Pour into clean ice cube trays and freeze.  This is great to do ahead of time, so you don’t have to wait when you want a frappe!
  3. Add frozen coffee cubes, milk, syrup and sugar to blender.  Blend until the coffee ice cubes are broken down and the mixture is the texture you’re looking for.
  4. Pour into glasses and garnish.  Garnishing is optional, but if you want that classic McDonald’s look, you’ll want to add whipped cream, and a drizzle of chocolate syrup.
    1. I usually get a little “extra” and add some chocolate shavings and sometimes garnish with a sprig of fresh mint if I have some.  You totally don’t have to do this lol.

How to make copycat mocha frappe


There’s a secret to getting that perfect flavor/frozen texture… and I’ll share it with you.

Frozen. Coffee.

Oh yes, that’s right.  Just brew up some of your favorite coffee (or even decaf if you prefer), and let it cool to room temperature.  Pour the cooled coffee into ice cube trays and pop them in the freezer until frozen.

So you might be wondering, “why can’t I just use regular coffee and add ice cubes??“.  Well, in short, you can lol.  But as the ice melts, it will water down your drink 🙁  Boo!!  So by freezing the coffee into ice cubes, you get the frozen component to make it nice and icy, but without diluting your drink!

Copycat frappe with mint garnish


  • DAIRY – I created this recipe using almond milk, since that’s what I had on hand at the time.  However, I’ve since tested this recipe using soy milk, regular dairy milk, and half and half (a US dairy product of half milk and half cream).
  • REDUCED SUGAR – Several readers have asked if this recipe could be made using sugar-free or reduced sugar products.  And yes, it certainly can!  Sugar-free chocolate syrup is a great alternative for regular syrup.  And sugar alternatives can be used in place of the granulated sugar.  Alternately, the granulated sugar can be omitted… it’s really a matter of taste and how sweet you like things.
  • OTHER FLAVORS – If you’d like, other flavors of syrups can be used in place of the plain chocolate.  Torani makes some great syrups, as does Ghirardelli.  My favorites are caramel, and a salted chocolate caramel syrup!
    • The mint is really nice as a garnish, but you could add some peppermint extract to make this a festive holiday peppermint mocha drink!

3 glasses of mocha frappe


Since this is a frozen drink, this is a recipe that’s truly best made right before serving.

However you can do the first part of this recipe ahead of time.  Brew the coffee and let cool (or use leftover cooled coffee).  Pour into ice cube trays and freeze until frozen solid.  Add the cubes to a freezer bag and freeze for up to 2 months.


Leftovers can be placed in to a freezer-safe container and frozen for up to a month.  Thaw before drinking.


  • Blender – This is the blender I usually use when I make this recipe… it’s got great power and doesn’t break the bank.
  • Torani Syrups – you may be able to find these in your grocery store, I just wanted to show you all the options.
  • Ghirardelli Syrups – not as many varieties as Torani, but great flavor.

Make your own McDonald’s Mocha Frappe at home with this easy copycat recipe! The perfect cold coffee drink for Spring and Summer! #frappe #mocha #copycat #mcdonalds #frozencoffee #coffee #frozen #iced #chocolate



Recipe originally published in 2016, and has been updated in 2020 with additional information

Copycat Mocha Frappe | Forget spending your hard earned money on a frozen coffee drink, make your own mocha frappe at home!! Easy to make, plus tips to flavor it however you like! |

Copycat Mocha Frappe

Make your own McDonald’s Mocha Frappe at home with this easy copycat recipe! 
4.9 from 22 votes
Prep Time 1 hr
Total Time 1 hr
Servings 5 servings
Calories 87


  • 2 cups cold coffee
  • 2 cups unsweetened almond milk - (or regular dairy milk)
  • 3 1/2 Tbsp chocolate syrup
  • 3 1/2 Tbsp granulated sugar
  • Whipped cream - for garnish
  • Extra chocolate syrup - for garnish
  • Chocolate bar - shaved, for garnish


  • Brew coffee and let cool to almost room temperature.
  • Carefully pour coffee into ice cube trays and freeze.
  • Add frozen coffee cubes, almond milk, chocolate syrup and sugar to blender.
  • Blend until desired texture is reached.
  • Top with whipped cream, a drizzle of chocolate syrup and shaved chocolate if you'd like.



1. Recipe adapted slightly from Sweet Pennies From Heaven
2. Recipe makes approximately 5 cups
Author The Chunky Chef
Tried this recipe?Mention @the_chunky_chef or tag #thechunkychef!


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96 comments on “Copycat Mocha Frappe”

  1. Amazing Recipe… Thanks For Sharing.

  2. I’ve made this many times after my neighbor gave me the recipie. I used almond milk, dark chocolate, and I still drink these often. I also drink iced mochas, same recipe, but I dont blend it. Both are fabulous!!!

  3. I love McDonald’s mocha frappes. Would love to try this recipe but don’t have a blender. Could I use a good processor maybe?

  4. I’m not a coffee person, but I love the mocha frappe from McD’s. I’ve never made coffee at home….
    So my question is: What kind of coffee should I use? I looked up coffe to buy some for this and there’s different kinds of brews and my brain wants to explode. Dark roast, light roast, medium roast? *sigh* I don’t even own a coffee pot. Could someone shed some light on my dilemma?

  5. I’ve never seen so many people say, why did you at this or that…. You can use whatever you want basically. I’m following the recipe but I’m gonna mix it up. I prefer my sugar melted in hot coffee this way it’s not gritty in ice coffee or a frappe. When I make coffee, I add my sugar to the hot coffee, mix it up (I also use powdered creamer as well both regular and flavored). I add everything I want to the hot coffee, let it dissolve and then freeze the cubes.
    I’m so glad I found this recipe and can’t wait to try it!!! My husband loves the caramel frappes from McDonald’s, I like the mocha, and I’m gonna surprise him with this later. Thank you for posting the recipe!!! I can’t wait to try it; I’m sure it tastes fantastic!! I also love that you can alter the milk and sugar for cream or half and half or even 1%, which is what I generally use. Thank you again!!

    • I love your idea of dissolving the sugar in the coffee while hot! Good thinking! My question is: Do you add the flavoring before freezing?
      Thanks a bunch! I’m excited to mix this up for my 18 year old daughter and me.

  6. I’ve made this recipe several times for about a month and it couldn’t get any better. It’s definitely worth the work to make it. 11/10!

  7. This copycat frappe tastes amazing, and I love how easy it is to cut the calories by using skim milk (or a milk alternative), lite chocolate syrup and stevia. I celebrate all that calorie cutting by adding an ounce of chocolate chips in the blender. 🙂

  8. 1 tbsp of instant coffee powder to 2 tbsp of cocoa powder into 2 cups of ice works then add milk works exactly the same

  9. I really want to make this but we don’t have a coffee brewer , is there an alternative, like boil water then add instant coffee , but I am not sure how much I need to use . if there is any possible way I can get advice I would appreciate it !

    • You can totally use instant coffee… you’ll just need 2 cups of coffee, doesn’t matter how you make it 🙂

    • Just use concentrated cold brew coffee (in the coffee aisle in any grocery store) As this is very strong, dilute it 1:1 with cold water. Then just follow the recipe for filling and freezing the ice cubes.😀

  10. Can I use cacao powder in this recipe? How much sweetener (Splenda) would work? Thanks! 

    • Honestly I’ve only made this recipe as written so I can’t say for certain.

    • I tried this today and it was delicious ! I used honey instead of sugar. Definitely much better than McDonald’s when you know it has much less calories .

    • I really want to make this but we don’t have a coffee brewer , is there an alternative, like boil water then add instant coffee , but I am not sure how much I need to use . if there is any possible way I can get advice I would appreciate it !

      • You can totally use instant coffee… you’ll just need 2 cups of coffee, doesn’t matter how you make it 🙂

      • Dunkin Donuts makes cold brew coffee packs. You make it in a pitcher and let it steep in the fridge. I just found this product in Walmart. I bought to make make recipes such as this with the ice cubes. Can’t wait to try it!

  11. McDonalds doesn’t use real coffee in their frappe’s, that’s why I like them. I can’t drink coffee. I love their mocha frappe’s for this reason, they use flavoring (not caffeinated coffee). Canada McD’s use real coffee tho, it made me so sick.  I was hoping to find a copy cat recipe that had a good mocha flavoring, no coffee. 

    • Sorry Laci, I prefer the taste of real coffee and to skip the flavoring, as many people have issues with those.

    • hi there is a product called Roma you can get it in health food stores or probably online
      its roasted chicory and barley, no coffee no caffeine (which doesn’t agree w me)
      its instant so you don’t have to brew it
      I have used it in shakes tastes better than coffee – not bitter 
      hope this helps 

    • McDonalds mocha frappes have caffeine in them. Look up their caffeine content per drink

  12. Has anyone used sweetened almond milk? And what kind of coffee was used?

  13. the recipe is worth following … i could not have found better one

  14. I just use ice and INSTANT Coffee powder/crystals.  Easy Peasy!

  15. I would just like to say thank you for this amazing recipe. I tried it completely sugar-free(because I ran out of sugar lol) and it was still delicious. All I did was add 2 extra tbsp of chocolate syrup into the mix. I’ve been craving a frappe but can’t go to buy one because I’m 16 so this recipe will be going into my makeshift cookbook right now and I will be visiting your website more often. Thank you!!

  16. This tasted better than the original! I love that I can save money and skip the drive thru

  17. Oh my husband is going to LOVE this!

  18. Tastes even better than the original! I love that I can make this at home

  19. That looks so good and your pictures are absolutely stunning!

  20. This Mocha Frappe copycat is seriously making me hungry!

  21. I will be my daughter’s favorite person when I make these. I want to try the salted chocolate caramel syrup!

  22. The was the perfect way to get my frappe fix at home! Loved it!

    • Hello, thank you for this recipe 🙂 It’s a lifesaver as I live in a country that’s hot all year round. Assuming I don’t wanna turn on the blender every morning, do you think I could freeze the coffee into ice cubes, make the ice blended drink and then freeze that? Maybe add a bit of hot water etc in the morning. Or would that be disgusting lol

  23. What can you use besides almond milk, if you dont have any

  24. Wow. I Never thought I would find a recipe for these that is so wonderfully good and so easy.   Thank you!

  25. What are the ingredients for the freezed coffee and is tsp tablespoon or teaspoon?

    • It’s literally just brewed coffee that I put in an ice cube tray and froze. tsp is the standard abbreviation for teaspoon. Tbsp is tablespoon, which is what’s listed in this particular recipe.

  26. So quick and easy I love it. It tastes just like Starbucks. Instead of coffee cubes I just did 2 T of instant coffee with 2 cups of ice and it worked fine

  27. I am wondering if this recipe can be made keto by substituting sugar with splenda or swerve and using sugar free chocolate syrup. Has anyone tried this? It looks absolutely delicious

  28. I make these but mix all the ingredients together and then freeze the cubes. I pop them out and throw in the Ninja in the mornings and sometimes drop some more chocolate syrup and whipped cream in. Mmmm!! Mmm!

  29. Its cheaper at McDonald’s at $4….than to make it

  30. Just made this recipe yesterday with my Blendtec. I subbed milk and fat free half/half and it was delicious!

  31. Great recipe.. I used to have a lot of trouble making frappes at home, until I found the best blender for the job. With my Ninja Mega Kitchen System, I can make recipes like this without a problem!

  32. Is that sweetened or unsweetened almond milk?  This sounds great!

  33. I added salted caramel baileys Irish cream

  34. Why add sugar? Think its a great recipe, not counting the sugar eliment. Great idea to freeze the coffee. The syrop and the almond milk is sweet enough – think I’ll try this one without the sugar.

  35. I can’t wait to try. Question: would it be okay to sweeten the coffee before freezing and then leave out the sugar?  

  36. I’m new to coffee but discovered I love frapps! What kind of coffee can I buy from the store that will taste good? Thank you 🙂

  37. Holy crap, it tastes just like the real thing, only better!!! I used soy milk instead of almond but it doesn’t seem to have affected the flavour – it hasn’t affected the enjoyment atleast! Trying hard to hold myself back from drinking too much, I’m not normally a coffee drinker, but this is soo good!

  38. I tried your recipe for the first time tonight and it’s amazing!! Everybody in my house loves it! I altered the recipe just a bit by adding a little extra ice because using just the frozen coffee cubes, the texture for me wasn’t icy enough. But it’s awesome and I’ll definitely be telling all my mocha frappe loving friends all about this recipe!! Thank you!! ❤️

  39. Instead of almond milk and chocolate I used chocolate almond milk

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  41. If I want to make just one glass how many ice cubes will it take

  42. Good news ..good news…I do not have to buy my frappe anymore.
    Plus, the leftover coffee in my coffeepot is not going down the drain anymore (which used to happen to me quite often:-()
    The combination of Chocolate syrup and coffee is very much tempting and I have already brewed full pot coffee to start with. Can not wait any longer.
    Thanks in advance.

  43. Made this for my husband who is a MacDonald frappe mocha addict. He said it is spot on. No more trips to the golden arches.

  44. What is a “cup scant”?

    • Hi there 🙂 My apologies, the coding was inverting the words… it’s supposed to be a scant cup (which is slightly less than the full amount). I’ve updated the recipe so it shows it correctly 🙂

  45. It looks so delicious. I’m definitely going to try this. Wish me best of luck 🙂

  46. I just love like idea. It looks very delicious. The recipe is very easy so i will definitely try it.

  47. Just popping in to let you know I’ve included your copycat mocha frappe recipe in my round-up of iced coffee recipes on Taste As You Go. Thanks for contributing!

  48. Wonderful recipes…. I used to buy frappe and frozen coffees but after reading these recipes, I will obviously try these making at home instead of heading to a coffee shop…… Thank you for sharing….

  49. I love freezing any leftover coffee from the morning’s coffee pot and then using them to make easy iced coffees or smoothies! 🙂 And I love a good Starbucks copycat recipe! Looks delicious!

  50. Oh my goodness! I cannot wait to try this!

  51. I have to give up my frappe-habit – I will definitely try this instead!!

  52. I don’t buy frappe anymore! It’s the best made at home! Love it!

  53. This Frappe is calling my name!! It looks amazing!

  54. SO EXCITED! I am with you. I cannot believe the cost of these drinks. Yours looks way better and I know what is going into it 🙂

  55. I LOVE frappes!!

  56. I am loving the idea of making coffee flavoured ice cubes, I never have tried that before!

    • I made a frappe tonight. I used frozen coffee cubes – made from strong instant. I put about 4-5 cubes, 2-3 regular cubes, 2 scoops of Sweet n’Low, squirt of chocolate syrup, 1/2 cup skim milk. I left off the extra whipped cream – but did hit it again with a drop of chocolate syrup and dusted that with crushed instant coffee. DELICIOUS. And, only 110 calories! (1/2 c skim = 45; chocolate syrup 1 Tbls = 50) <~need to find a sugar free syrup . . . add calories if you add the whipped cream. It hit the spot and leaves you satisfied. (one serving) 🙂

      • Hershey’s has a sugar-free chocolate syrup now. I saw it today while I was at the store buying syrup to make this recipe with.

        • I LOVE Hershey’s chocolate, but I bought a bottle of their sugar free chocolate syrup and it was DISGUSTING!!! I honestly don’t see how they can even put their name on it! Did I get a bad bottle? It was awful! Tasted like some kind of weird chemical!…not that I make a habit of eating/drinking weird chemicals.😝

      • Omg I used ur version of this recipe and it was perfect. I used whole milk and real sugar but it finally turned out perfect! THANK YOU SO MUCH!