One Pan Cheesy Jalapeño Chicken

This cheesy jalapeño chicken is made in one pan, is bursting with flavor, smothered in melty cheese, and made in just 20 minutes!  Try it tonight!

If you’re looking for your next favorite weeknight meal… look no further than this easy one pan cheese jalapeño chicken!   20 minutes, plenty of gooey cheese, spiced and savory chicken with little bursts of heat from the jalapeños… it’s the perfect easy one pan meal!

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One Pan Cheesy Jalapeño Chicken | An easy weeknight meal, bursting with flavor, smothered in melty cheese, and on your table in 20 minutes! |

Now that the school year is winding down, I’m rapidly entering that phase of the school year… when I’m basically half checked out for summer and ready for those days of going to parks, busting out the slip-n-slide in our backyard, and have some cookouts with friends and family.  Are you at that stage of the school year yet?  Around here, our schools let out the last week of May, which gives us less than 5 weeks before the wonderful chaos of summer ensues.  Which means, in all my end of school laziness, I need some quick and easy go-to meals.

One Pan Cheesy Jalapeño Chicken | An easy weeknight meal, bursting with flavor, smothered in melty cheese, and on your table in 20 minutes! |

I mean, let’s face it, I think we need those kinds of meals ALL. THE. TIME.  Amiright?!  You know what else we all need?  Some delicious wine 🙂  When Sutter Home approached me about collaborating for this post, I was literally doing a little dance in my seat.  I’ve been a fan of their wines for a long time, especially the White Zinfandel.  It’s so crispy and refreshing, with a medium sweetness.  I love the way the strawberry and melon flavors really come through!  You might not normally think of pairing a glass of white zinfandel with a spicy meal, but trust me on this one… it’s GOOD!

One Pan Cheesy Jalapeño Chicken | An easy weeknight meal, bursting with flavor, smothered in melty cheese, and on your table in 20 minutes! |

The sweet wine works absolutely beautifully with Mexican or Asian dishes that are packing some heat.  Take this meal for example.  The chicken breasts are rubbed in a tantalizing blend of tex-mex spices, lightly dusted with flour and seared until crispy and mouthwatering.  Then you add in corn and the wonderfully spicy strips of fresh jalapeño (or you could go for a combo of strips and rounds for even more heat like I did) and smother it all with gloriously melty cheese.

One Pan Cheesy Jalapeño Chicken | An easy weeknight meal, bursting with flavor, smothered in melty cheese, and on your table in 20 minutes! |

You guys… seriously… I’m totally not ashamed to tell you that I sat down immediately after this photo shoot and scarfed down like half the pan!  This cheesy jalapeño chicken is perfect as is, maybe with some Baked Mexican Rice or Arroz Verde (green rice – you have to try it!) on the side… and don’t forget the Sutter Home White Zinfandel 🙂  But I have to say, it’s just as delicious wrapped up in a tortilla for the ultimate jalapeno chicken tacos!

One Pan Cheesy Jalapeño Chicken | An easy weeknight meal, bursting with flavor, smothered in melty cheese, and on your table in 20 minutes! |

My secret little extra kick of flavor comes from seasoning your pan before you even cook the chicken.  You may have noticed the charred limes in some of the photos above… those are my secret weapons!  Once you heat up your pan, add the lime slices and cook for a few minutes per side.  They might spatter a bit, so stand back, but once they’re charred, go ahead and remove them to a plate.  Now add your oil and continue cooking the recipe.  It’s an optional step, but one that I really love, as it gives a little extra kick of lime to the overall dish, plus, it just looks awesome.

One Pan Cheesy Jalapeño Chicken | An easy weeknight meal, bursting with flavor, smothered in melty cheese, and on your table in 20 minutes! |

You could absolutely make this jalapeño chicken dish with other cuts of chicken, like boneless thighs, or even bone-in thighs, you just might have to adjust the cook times and use a meat thermometer to ensure the chicken is cooked to a safe temperature (165 degrees F for poultry).

So the next time you’re craving some heat, and want an easy meal you can get on the table quickly, give this One Pan Cheesy Jalapeño Chicken a try… and don’t forget to pour yourself a cold glass of Sutter Home White Zinfandel!

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One Pan Cheesy Jalapeño Chicken | An easy weeknight meal, bursting with flavor, smothered in melty cheese, and on your table in 20 minutes! |

One Pan Cheesy Jalapeño Chicken

This cheesy jalapeño chicken is made in one pan, is bursting with flavor, smothered in melty cheese, and made in just 20 minutes! Try it tonight!
4.9 from 33 votes
Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 15 mins
Total Time 25 mins
Servings 4
Calories 627


  • 1 lime - sliced
  • 3 1/2 Tbsp vegetable oil - divided
  • 3 boneless skinless chicken breasts - cut in half and pounded to be 1/2 inch thick
  • 1 tsp chili powder
  • 1 tsp dried oregano
  • 3/4 tsp kosher salt
  • 1/2 tsp ground cumin
  • 1/2 tsp black pepper
  • 1/2 tsp dried minced onion
  • 1/4 tsp ancho chile powder
  • 1/2 cup all-purpose flour
  • 1 1/2 - 2 cups frozen corn kernels, thawed - (fresh corn works as well)
  • 2 jalapeños - seeds removed and sliced lengthwise into strips
  • 2 cloves garlic - minced
  • 3 Tbsp lime juice - (juice of 2-3 limes)
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1 - 1 1/2 cups shredded Mexican blend cheese - (or any cheese you prefer)
  • minced fresh cilantro, for garnish
  • extra lime wedges, for garnish


  • To a mixing bowl, add chicken, chili powder, oregano, kosher salt, ground cumin, black pepper, dried minced onion, and ancho chile powder. Toss and massage spice mixture into all sides of chicken.
  • Add flour to a shallow bowl or plate and lightly dredge chicken in flour. Let chicken sit while you heat up your pan.
  • Heat large oven-safe skillet over MED-HIGH heat. Add lime slices to pan and char for 1-2 minutes per side, until charred and brown, as desired. Remove to a plate.
  • Add 2 ½ Tbsp of the vegetable oil to the hot pan and let heat through until shimmering.
  • Add chicken pieces to the hot pan, being careful not to overcrowd the pan (you may need to do 2 batches, depending on the size of your pan). Cook about 3 minutes per side, until golden brown, then remove to plate.
  • Move oven rack to the upper third part of the oven and preheat broiler to HIGH.
  • Add remaining 1 Tbsp vegetable oil and then add corn kernels, jalapeno slices and garlic. Cook, stirring often, about 2-3 minutes, until corn begins to lightly brown.
  • Add chicken back to the pan, and pour in lime juice and water. Cook several minutes (this time can vary depending on your stove – mine took 2 minutes), until liquid is mostly absorbed.
  • Sprinkle with shredded cheese and broil for about 2-3 minutes, until cheese is melted.
  • Garnish with minced fresh cilantro and serve with lime wedges or charred lime slices.
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One Pan Cheesy Jalapeño Chicken | An easy weeknight meal, bursting with flavor, smothered in melty cheese, and on your table in 20 minutes! |

One Pan Cheesy Jalapeño Chicken | An easy weeknight meal, bursting with flavor, smothered in melty cheese, and on your table in 20 minutes! |

One Pan Cheesy Jalapeño Chicken | An easy weeknight meal, bursting with flavor, smothered in melty cheese, and on your table in 20 minutes! |

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90 comments on “One Pan Cheesy Jalapeño Chicken”

  1. Delicious! A few steps which took me a lot longer from start to finish but worth it. Served it with some Spivey black beans

  2. This chicken is absolutely amazing! I love, love, love it!  I used a Mexican blend cheese and some pepper jack. It’s really good and not too spicy (although I love spice). It was quick to make and I served it with cilantro lime rice. 

  3. OMG!!!!! I will absolutely make this again!!! It will also go into a recipe folder for my kids. YUMMO!!!!!

  4. Do you happen to have the nutrition information for this recipe?

    • Unfortunately, as I’m not a nutritionist, I don’t provide full nutritional information for my recipes (wouldn’t want to potentially and unknowingly pass along incorrect information). Your best bet would be to copy the ingredients into your favorite online nutritional calculator.

  5. Hi there! Random question…If I don’t have a pan that is suitable to place in the oven, do you think I should just transfer everything to the broiling pan, or will it lose a lot of its flavor? (Novice cook over here ;)). Thanks!

  6. I was curious if you’ve ever tried making this dish in an Insta pot?

  7. This was amazing! Stumbled across the recipe as I was looking for one to use up my jalapenos and didnt want the typical jalapeno popper chicken. It was so flavorful and delicious, just enough spice but not too spicy as my 5 year old loved it! Will definitely be using this one frequently in our rotation.

    • I’m on a keto diet, but found this recipe when looking for ideas to combine jalopeños and chicken. I had only chicken thighs so I cut each in half and cooked them a bit longer; had no limes so I used lemons. Eliminated the flour and substituted frozen cauliflower rice for the corn, which I assume changed the flavor considerably. (I can hear the original chef groaning). BUT to my amazement it was STILL ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS. This recipe is foolproof. Thank you. I’m sure it’s even better with corn but my low carb version is a keeper. 

  8. This was amazing!! I had a bunch of jalapenos from the garden & stumbled across this recipe while searching uses. I didn’t have the ancho chili powder, so I skipped that. I had also just purchased a new cast iron skillet & I read not to use citrus in it until well seasoned, so I skipped the charred lime. Will definitely do that the next time I make it! Will also probably add some more corn as well…..the flavor was so amazing we were fighting over it! LOL This will be added to the dinner rotation!

  9. Do you put the cheese on and broil before the chicken? It looks like there is no cheese on the chicken

  10. Hi! When I took the chicken in step 5 do I make sure it’s fully cooked? Or will it cook more throughout the recipe? Thank you!

  11. What a keeper!! Delicious! My family LOVED this!! Thanks!

  12. I just made this tonight. It was SO good!!! I had to use an anaheim pepper instead of jalapenos because my husband doesnt like that much heat. I think the charring of the lime in the skillet was the key. That gave it all this lime essence throughout the dish but was not overpowering. Super quick – super easy – super yummy! My husband said “I can’t wait for lunch tomorrow”.

  13. This came out perfect! Thank you for sharing!

  14. I have the world’s pickiest eater for my husband. This is the 2nd recipe of yours I have tried and, again, you hit it out of the park! He loved this. I love that your recipes are clear, easy to follow and taste fabulous. Next time, I might cut the chicken up and then we could eat it in tortillas. Delicious! Thanks Amanda.

  15. Thank you for your quick reply! I will try this recipe this weekend. I made your One Pot Chicken Parmesan Pasta and it was a huge hit withmy picky husband. Can’t wait to try a lot of your recipes – thank you for your great blog!

  16. I am not clear of when this dish goes into the oven under the broiler vs being on the stove? Are steps 7, 8 & 9 all done under the broiler vs the stove top? Thanks.

  17. Tasty. I topped it with a little salsa and sour cream

  18. This looks awesome.
    I wonder how much low-fat cheese would reduce the calories.

  19. Just made this. Totally awesome. Thank you. Charred lime is a great touch.

  20. I cant believe how much flavor this dish has. Simply amazing!! Thank you!!

  21. So yummy and so easy!!!!

  22. This was so delicious! My family loved it ❤️   I didn’t have any jalapeños so I mixed in jalapeño cream cheese at the end and it made the corn nice and creamy. 

  23. We were so excited to eat that I forgot to garnish the meal! .  Love this easy dish! Thanks for sharing! We will try to add this to our meals once a month! 💕

  24. My boyfriend LOVED this! I did too but damn did he hype it up! I made it with some baked macaroni and a side salad. The whole dish was amazing!
    I absolutely loved the jalapeno and lime.
    I added two more jalapeno and some serano peppers to spice it up even more. The corn was so good with this , it added a crunch that was a pleasant surprise!
    Definitely making this again!

  25. soooo good! followed recipe exactly and it came out perfect.

  26. This was delicious and a definite make again! My husband is on the Keto diet so I changed a few things. Instead of corn, I used chopped onion and 4 bacon pieces also cut into 1/2” pieces. I also coated with almond flour instead of all purpose. It was amazing! Thank you for sharing such a good recipe!

  27. Can you use creamed corn?

  28. Amazing. My first post after soo many great recipes poached from Pinterest. Great flavor! Can’t wait to make it again. I did read a comment that said to add black beans and that was awesome! Seasoned the chicken for a bit before dredging in flour and cooking also. Well done, thank you. Great recipe! Cheers.

  29. I made this tonight and it was delicious! I didn’t have ancho chili powder so I just left that out. Next time I will another cup of corn. It was popular and we would’ve liked more. I also didn’t have the garnishes so I left it out.

    I’ve made many chicken dishes before with much disappointment with lack of flavor, however, this didn’t disappoint.

  30. I grew some jalapeno peppers this year and needed a recipe that needed them, I had so many. I made it tonight and it was really delicious! This is a big keeper!

  31. This was SO good! I added 1/2 can of black beans and topped it with avocado. A new favorite for sure! And I picked up a tip: seasoning with more than salt and pepper before the flour dredging. Thanks!

  32. Did you notice that in your explanation of the recipe it refers to a lemon and not a lime? (Once you heat up your pan, add the lemon slices and cook for a few minutes per side. )

  33. I hope this comes out well! I don’t know if it’s because I’m new to cooking but I found this recipe extremely hard to follow. I didn’t know what temperature to broil the chicken on or for how long. Again, it might just be me but I found that to be a major set back to the point that I missed it when skimming the recipe and ended up burning my chicken a bit when I noticed I was in over my head. Maybe add some clarification or give me a heads up if I’m just supposed to know that… like I said, it looks good and I hope It tastes just as great!

    • Hi Annie 🙂 I’m sorry you found the recipe difficult to follow. I didn’t specify a temperature for the broiler because all ovens are different. Mine, for example, has a high and low. No temperatures at all. Either will work, just the low broil would take longer. I actually specified to broil for 2-3 minutes, or until the cheese has melted… because again, every oven is different, so I can’t be super precise since what works for me may not work for others. When I’m following a new recipe, I like to thoroughly read the recipe through from top to bottom first, then take a pen or highlighter and break the recipe into simple steps, so I know exactly what to do in each step. This helps create a smoother cooking process, with no surprises 😉

  34. In step 8 all the cooking with the water and lime juice is done in the pan right? You dont broil until step 9?

  35. Hi Amanda! This looks so so good! And your pics look great as well! love to cook and do so all the time and this is such a different recipe than so many others I see! (Probably my fault for picking similar type recipes all the time ;)) I’m making this in the next couple days and want to do it the exact same but is there any other veggie you would recommend besides corn? I just hate it (I know…that’s like a sin. I have tried it over 50 times and I just don’t like it for some reason)!  Thanks so much!

    • Hi Kary 🙂 I’ve never made it with anything other than corn, so I can’t say for certain, but maybe peas? They have a natural sweetness similar to corn. Or really any vegetable that you like should work, as long as you think it’ll go with the spiciness of the jalapeños.

    • Kary just wanted to see if u made this recipe with any other veg & how it turned out? I was think broccoli.

  36. I like the pairing with the spicy level!

  37. My Hubby is going to love this cheesy and spicy chicken! Looks absolutely amazing!

  38. I love a good spice with my chicken dinner!

  39. This looks so flavorful & delicious! Definitely adding to my list to make!

  40. Jalapeno and sweet corn are such an amazing flavor combination! The balance each other out so well! Looks fantastic!

  41. I’m all about one pan meals at the moment… I can’t believe how fast the year is going! Everything is just flying by!

  42. One pot GENIUS! Loving the spicy and cheesy combo for this chicken.

  43. I added mayonnaise, chili lime seasoning, and Cojita cheese and did a Mexican street corn take on it.

  44. Delicious!!

  45. This looks great! So excited to try it. Quick question – are the calories listed here (627) for the whole recipe, or a serving?

    • Thanks Kay! It’s per serving, thanks mostly in part to the cheese, which you could reduce the amount of if need be. You could also make this to serve 6 people instead of four, which would reduce the calories as well 🙂

  46. Looks delicious. We have excess jalapeños from our garden we need to use. Thank you!

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  48. This was delicious! My family of 4 LOVED it! I followed the directions exactly (except for cilantro, which I despise) and it came out perfectly!! I made rice to go with it – YUM! I will definitely make this again soon.

  49. This was delicious! Suggestions: first of all, I agree that slicing one of the jalapenos into rounds is the way to go. I used canned corn, and an entire can was just about perfect, but next time I’m going to do extra because it was so delicious. To make this gluten free, I simply substituted cornstarch for regular flour, and it came out exactly the same. Reheats great too, so this is definitely a meal prep I’ll make again.

    A bit of an oversight– the ingredients list doesn’t include cilantro, so I didn’t buy any at the store. It would’ve been a bit annoying but luckily I had some left over from another recipe.

  50. I’m confused about Step #6: “Move oven rack to the upper third part of the oven and preheat broiler to HIGH.” Does the chicken need to be be moved to the oven then placed back in the pan?

    • Hi Alyssa 🙂 Step 6 is just preparing… getting the oven rack in the correct position, and preheating the broiler. Steps 8 and 9 describe when to add the chicken back to the pan, and when to broil it in the oven.

  51. Have to say, this was super yummy. Added a few extra jalapenos only because my family has a spicy side so when the opportunity presents itself, I go for it.

  52. Could you sub a different flour for the all purpose?

  53. Your recipe says return chicken to the pan then sprinkle with cheese and broil yet the chicken doesn’t look like it has melted cheese on it. So do you do the reverse, sprinkle with cheese then add the chicken or am I missing something? Looks amazing though, can’t wait to try…

  54. someone said to make rice to go with this …you have the corn why would you want the rice it don’t even sound good

  55. This looks so good. I have never bought ancho chile powder. I don’t know what it tastes like so I am not sure what would be a good substitute or what would be missing if I skipped it. I would rather not go to the store so is there a substitute? Or can it be skipped? Or should I suck it up and head to the store 😉

    • Hi Shannon 🙂 Ancho chile powder is smoky, similar to a chipotle flavor. If the recipe called for a large amount, I would say to buy it, as not using it would alter the flavor… but in this case, it’s only 1/4 tsp, so I think you’ll be fine using regular chili powder 🙂

  56. Made this for my fiancé and his dad tonight and they loved it! The heat was perfect and didn’t overpower the meal at all.. I highly suggest making some sort of rice to go with it. definitely making it again 🙂

  57. This turned out so yummy! I added some cut up asparagus I needed to use. So, so good!!

  58. This looks delicious! I want to make it tonight. I have a quick question though, in step 8 do you add the chicken back to the original pan or mix it with the corn and jalapeños and broil all together with the cheese?

  59. I have tried the cheese and jalapeno combo before, but I have never tried it with chicken!! Best. Combo. Every.

  60. Made this tonight, enjoyed by all. I scrimped on the jalapeños and wish I hadn’t. Add the full 2 peppers as per the recipe, the flavour was amazing. I served it with Asiago Rice. Just sautéed onion with garlic, added cooked rice and cheese. Keep stirring and the cheese looses its stickiness and help crisp the rice a little. I also added chives to it. Will make again!

  61. I too love a good chicken recipe, and this looks great! Can’t wait to try for myself!

  62. Holy Moly that looks amazing! yum! I love one pot meals like this!

  63. I love the kick of spice in this. I bet the wine is perfect to put out the fire.

  64. NO joke Amanda this looks incredible – especially if you pour me a glass of wine with it

  65. Such a delicious looking dinner! I’d love it tonight!

  66. I love the sweet corn and spicy jalapeno! The wine is icing on the cake!

  67. I love how spicy and cheesy this dish is! It looks absolutely magnificent!

  68. This looks perfectly spicy and cheesy!

  69. My kids are also almost checked out. They are so ready for summer!!! We love chicken recipes around here and this one looks incredible. Can’t wait to try it!!