Slow Cooker Spicy Creamy Corn Dip

Cheesy and creamy with a spicy kick, this slow cooker corn dip is the ultimate party appetizer for homegating with the Crock-Pot® brand. Easy to adjust the heat level, it’s great for everyone!

Your new favorite homegating party appetizer is here.  This corn dip is made easy in the slow cooker, and is a mouthwatering combination of cheesy, creamy, and spicy!  Don’t worry about the heat level though, it’s easy to customize and tone down if you prefer.

This Slow Cooker Spicy Creamy Corn Dip is sponsored by the Crock-Pot® brand. All opinions are mine alone 

Slow Cooker Spicy Creamy Corn Dip | The easiest, creamy corn dip ever!  Toss the ingredients in the slow cooker and be amazed at how mouthwatering it tastes! | | #corndip #slowcooker #crockpot #appetizerrecipe #partyfood  Game days are my favorite days… for the game and of course, the FOOD!  Having a fun homegating party doesn’t have to be stressful, especially when you have a few tricks up your sleeve.  No one wants to spend hours in the kitchen prepping for a party, or waste precious visiting time cooking while your friends and family are over.  That’s where you need some low-prep, easy recipes, and a little help from your slow cooker.  Today I’ve partnered with Crock-Pot® Brand to bring you this incredibly easy dip recipe! Cincinnati Bengals Crockpot

That right there is my new best friend!  All the great Crock-Pot® Slow Cooker quality you’ve come to expect from their products, plus I LOVE the NFL logo.  I can serve food right out of this slow cooker during a party… which means less dishes to wash… and it looks beautiful! I also love that the lid clamps down, especially if you’re going to be homegating at someone else’s house… no more worrying about the lid moving and your delicious dip spilling all over the car! Scoop of creamy corn dip

If any of you reading this are football fans… you might be questioning my NFL team choice for my Crock-Pot® Slow Cooker.  The Bengals certainly aren’t doing well this year (well, most years they don’t, if I’m being honest), but I’m a born and raised Cincinnatian, and we love our hometown teams.  So regardless of their win/loss record, those are my boys 🙂 So let’s talk about this corn dip.  Have you ever tried it?  It’s a fairly popular dip, but my version has a few little tweaks made to my family’s tastes, that I think you’ll really love.  Plus, you literally just dump it all in the slow cooker and it cooks itself!  As a busy Mom, and someone who has no patience for cooking elaborate meals for party, that’s a lifesaver! Scoop of corn dip in slow cooker

If you’re worried about the heat level, I think it’s somewhere between a mild and medium level as is.  However there are a few ways to adjust that level to your tastes.


  • Make sure you’re using the mild jarred jalapeños
  • Use less jalapeños
  • Use mild diced green chiles


  • Use more jarred jalapeños
  • Use hot jarred jalapeños
  • Use fresh jalapeños

Corn dip in wooden bowl, chips in background

I can’t even tell you how addicting this dip is.  All I can say is that I planned to have a little bit after these photos were taken, and ended up pretty much eating the whole bowl… it’s THAT good.  And I wasn’t even sorry 😉 Usually we serve this dip with some tortilla chips (my personal favorite is the “scoop” variety), but you can use whatever dipper you think would be best. Chip scooping corn dip from wooden bowl

The next game day, invite some friends and family over and don’t stress… with this recipe and your Crock-Pot® Slow Cooker, your homegating party will be a huge success!!


  • Crock-Pot® Slow Cooker –  There are so many types and sizes to choose from… but a locking lid is my “must have”

Slow Cooker Spicy Creamy Corn Dip | The easiest, creamy corn dip ever!  Toss the ingredients in the slow cooker and be amazed at how mouthwatering it tastes! | | #corndip #slowcooker #crockpot #appetizerrecipe #partyfood 
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Slow Cooker Spicy Creamy Corn Dip
8 servings
Prep Time
5 mins
Cook Time
2 hrs 15 mins
Total Time
2 hrs 20 mins

Cheesy and creamy with a spicy kick, this slow cooker corn dip is the ultimate party appetizer. Easy to adjust the heat level, it's great for everyone!

Calories: 470 kcal
Author: The Chunky Chef
  • 10 slices bacon, diced
  • 3 cans (15oz each) whole kernel corn, drained
  • 1/3 cup diced jarred jalapeños, drained
  • 1/2 cup mayo
  • 1 cup pepper jack cheese, shredded
  • 1 cup mozzarella cheese, shredded
  • 1/3 cup grated or shredded Parmesan cheese
  • 1/2 tsp kosher salt
  • 1/4 tsp black pepper
  • 6 oz cream cheese, cubed
  • 3 green onions, sliced
  • additional sliced green onions, for garnish
  • minced fresh parsley or cilantro, for garnish
  1. Spray a 6 qt slow cooker with non-stick cooking spray.  Add corn, jalapeños, mayo, pepper jack, mozzarella, parmesan, salt and pepper to slow cooker and stir to combine.

  2. Top with cubed cream cheese, cover and cook on LOW for 2 hours.

  3. While corn dip is cooking, cook bacon in a skillet over MED-LOW heat until crisp.  Transfer to a paper towel lined plate and set aside.

  4. Uncover, stir until well combined.  Leave uncovered and cook on HIGH for 15 minutes, or until dip is thickened to desired consistency.  Stir in half the bacon, and the 3 sliced green onions.

  5. Serve garnished with remaining bacon, additional green onions, minced parsley or cilantro, and a sprinkle of black pepper if desired.

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Slow Cooker Spicy Creamy Corn Dip | The easiest, creamy corn dip ever!  Toss the ingredients in the slow cooker and be amazed at how mouthwatering it tastes! | | #corndip #slowcooker #crockpot #appetizerrecipe #partyfood 

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  1. I made this for a football pregame, and it was delicious! It checks all the boxes for a craveable crowd-pleasing appetizer. Great recipe! I halved the mayo and added 1/4 cup Mexican sour cream and also added a few teaspoons of smoked paprika as well. Seriously addicting appetizer!

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