Hearty Homemade Corn Chowder

Cozy up to a big bowl of this homemade corn chowder! Easy to make with either fresh or frozen corn, it’s a great year-round soup!

Cozy corn chowder, made with tender potatoes, salty bacon and sweet corn!  Perfect as a weeknight meal!  Crockpot directions too! #soup #chowder #cornchowder #fall #souprecipe #weeknightmeal #crockpot #slowcooker

I cannot wait to get into soup season!  Normally we eat soup year round, but this summer has been insanely hot.  And sadly, it still is.  Here is is mid-September, and we’ve only had 2 semi-cool days.  I say bring on the chilly weather!

There’s not a whole lot I love more than a thick and hearty soup… actually, a chowder.  Chowders are so rich and stick-to-your-ribs fantastic!

Ladle full of corn chowder


I love freezing soups, but due to the dairy and potatoes in this one, I don’t recommend freezing it as is.  If you REALLY want to try it, here’s what I would try:

  • Skip adding the half and half during step #8.  Instead, add it in when reheating the soup.
  • Cool soup completely, then add to freezer-safe containers and freeze 1-2 months.
  • To thaw, place containers in the refrigerator overnight or until thawed completely.  
  • Reheat in dutch oven or soup pot and once heated through, add half and half and stir to heat.  Serve as directed.


I would say this chowder is about a medium thickness, but if you’d like it thicker, there are a few options.

  • Puree more of the soup in the blender, or alternatively, mash some with a potato masher.
  • Before adding in the half and half, whisk a tablespoon or so of cornstarch into the half and half, then add to the soup as directed.
  • Add equal parts softened butter and flour and knead together with your fingers or a wooden spoon until a thick paste has formed.  Add to the finished soup and stir until the heat has melted the butter.  This is called a Buerre Manie and it’s a great way to thicken sauces, soups, roasts, etc.

Overhead view of corn chowder in white bowl


Absolutely!  I get it, some days the last thing you want to do is stand by the stove for 30 minutes.  On those days, the slow cooker is my best friend!  Slow cooker directions are listed below the recipe.


Sure can!  Sometimes I add about a cup or so of shredded cheddar cheese to the soup, or add a sprinkling of cheese when serving.  Chicken is also a fabulous addition!  For this, I like to use shredded chicken, from leftovers or a rotisserie chicken.

Holding a bowl of creamy corn chowder


Spoonful of corn chowder


Cozy corn chowder, made with tender potatoes, salty bacon and sweet corn!  Perfect as a weeknight meal!  Crockpot directions too! #soup #chowder #cornchowder #fall #souprecipe #weeknightmeal #crockpot #slowcooker

Hearty Homemade Corn Chowder

Cozy up to a big bowl of this homemade corn chowder! Easy to make with either fresh or frozen corn, it's a great year-round soup!
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Prep Time 15 mins
Cook Time 35 mins
Total Time 50 mins
Servings 6 servings


  • 8 slices bacon, diced
  • 2 Tbsp unsalted butter
  • 1 medium yellow onion, diced
  • 1/4 cup all-purpose flour
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 5 cups water - (chicken broth or vegetable broth may be substituted)
  • 8 ears yellow sweet corn - (husks and silks removed)
  • 1 lb. yukon gold or baby red potatoes - , sliced into 1/2 inch pieces
  • 1/4 tsp dried thyme
  • 1/4 tsp smoked paprika
  • salt and black pepper, to taste
  • 1 cup half and half or heavy cream
  • handful of chopped fresh chives


  • Slice corn kernels off the cob and set aside.  Take each ear of corn and hold it over a bowl.  Use either the back of your knife or a spoon and scrape any remaining pulp and juice from the cobs.
  • Cook bacon pieces in large heavy bottomed pot (like a dutch oven) over MED heat.  Cook about 5-8 minutes, or until bacon is crisp.  Use a slotted spoon to remove to a paper towel lined plate and set aside.
  • Use a clean paper towel to absorb some of the bacon grease, reserving about 1 Tbsp of grease in the pot.  Add butter and melt over MED heat.
  • Add diced onions and cook about 5 minutes, until soft and translucent.  Add garlic and flour and cook about 1 minute, stirring often.
  • While whisking, pour in water and increase heat to MED-HIGH.  Add in corn, potatoes, thyme, smoked paprika, and salt and pepper.  Stir and bring to a low boil, then reduce heat to MED-LOW and simmer.
  • Simmer, stirring every so often, for 15-20 minutes, until potatoes are fork tender.
  • Use an immersion blender to blend about half the soup until smooth.  Alternatively, remove about 3 cups of the soup to a blender and blend until smooth.  Stir the blended soup back into the pot.
  • Add in half and half, reserved corn juice, and about half the chives.  Stir in and heat through.
  • Serve sprinkled with remaining chives and cooked bacon pieces, if desired.


Recipe adapted from Cooks Illustrated magazine (August 2011)


  • Cook bacon in skillet.  Add all ingredients (except half and half and chives) to a 6 qt or larger slow cooker.  Stir well, cover and cook on LOW for 7-8 hours.
  • Use immersion blender to blend about half the soup (or add 3 cups of soup to a blender and puree then add back to the slow cooker).
  • Stir in half and half and chives, cover and cook another 10 minutes or so to heat through.
If using frozen or canned corn, add a drizzle of honey to replace the corn "milk".
  • use approximately 4 cups of frozen or canned corn (32 oz)
Tried this recipe?Mention @the_chunky_chef or tag #thechunkychef!


Cozy corn chowder, made with tender potatoes, salty bacon and sweet corn!  Perfect as a weeknight meal!  Crockpot directions too! #soup #chowder #cornchowder #fall #souprecipe #weeknightmeal #crockpot #slowcooker

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165 comments on “Hearty Homemade Corn Chowder”

  1. So I went rogue and made this in my instant pot using the “soup” function. I cooked the bacon on a baking sheet in the oven 425 for ~15 min, and while that was cooking sautéed the onion in a pan and then cooked the garlic with gluten free flour (as my husband is sensitive to gluten). Then cut up the potatoes, added cut celery, put in the cooked garlic onions and all spices into the instant pot, using Costco’s chicken stock instead of water and did add extra frozen corn- 6 cups total. Added chili powder, red pepper flakes, extra thyme, dried chives, and paprika all together. Threw in 2 of the mini cans of coconut cream along with everything else and totally omitted the half & half/milk since I’m lactose intolerant.  Honestly, it came out so flavorful and delicious. My brother who lives with us and is picky and typically hates my gluten free/lactose free creations loved it and ate seconds with no complaints. Being able to ignore the bacon in the oven while working on the onions and then throwing it all into the instant pot to cook while I go watch “The Good Place” is definitely the way to go. Done in 7 minutes after pressurizing. Delicious!!!!!

  2. It was delicious the best corn chowder ever 

  3. Awesome recipe but I used canned corn and instant mashed potatoes, leaving out flour. 

  4. We are now enjoying the corn chowder that I made and froze during the summer. We left out the heavy cream and added that when we heated the soup. Using corn stock really punches the corn flavor in the soup. I wish I could leave a picture of it so everyone can see. This soup is amazing and I can’t wait for next summer when corn is in season and I can make homemade corn stock for future corn chowders.

  5. I added carrot and celery diced…with the onions 

  6. Delicious! I kinda cheated though. I used two cups of frozen corn and a can of creamed style corn instead of fresh. I added a poblano and Anaheim pepper for a small kick. I also added about two cups of leftover chicken to use it up. Everyone loved it! 

  7. This chowder recipe is so tasty and will be a staple in our home. Perfect Fall/Winter meal with a side of bread. I used canned corn intead of fresh and it still turned out well. Thanks for the recipe!

  8. How many carbs are in this recipe?

    • As I’m not a nutritionist, I don’t provide full nutritional information for my recipes (wouldn’t want to potentially and unknowingly pass along incorrect information). Your best bet would be to copy the ingredients into your favorite online nutritional calculator.

  9. Just made this soup, but I used coconut milk due to a milk allergy. It’s so good!

  10. Very good! 15 minutes of prep ? Took 45 for frying, dicing and cutting corn off cob .
    I must be to old 😊
    We love it!!!

  11. I made this for my wife and kids and it was AMAZING! I made a double batch to freeze but we ended up eating it next day, sooooo gooood……..

  12. I made this chowder for my coven and they adored it! I used corn from the garden and used two large carrots to add some more color. This was my first time making chowder and they’ve already requested that I make this again sometime soon.

  13. I do not have a blender, how can I blend the soup?

    • It won’t have the same consistency, but you could use a potato masher to blend as well as you can.

      • This was a cooking assignment for my culinary class. So I made it, I did not use a potato masher, but I think it turned out pretty good. I use turkey bacon, and no potato’s and its pretty tasty. Thank you for this recipe 🙂

  14. Great recipe! My husband doesn’t like garlic so I left that out. And I always use chicken stock. I added two cans of crab meat at the end so now it’s corn crab chowder! Yummy!

  15. This seems like a silly question, but when do i add the bacon? It doesn’t say but it seems weird to blend bacon? So when you add the cream?

  16. Do you cook the corn first before taking it off the cob? 

  17. I love this soup! I didn’t have bacon unfortunately but used some ham instead. Also hubby didn’t think there was enough seasoning last time I made it (he’s Indian and loves his seasonings lol) so I added a few teaspoons of thyme and paprika. May have ended up being two table spoons of thyme. Wonderful recipe though, honestly my favorite corn chowder I’ve had 🙂 

  18. Best corn chowder I’ve ever made..follow directions and you can’t go wrong

  19. OMG – you truly are my go to person for recipes! I got the idea in my head this morning to make sweet corn chowder for dinner tomorrow and low and behold you have a recipe. I have no doubt how awesome it is going to be. Absolutely everything I have tried has been amazing! Thank you!

  20. I have made this countless times, and every time it’s delicious!

  21. Made this tonight…delicious! I had ears of corn leftover uncooked from cookout and wanted to use while fresh. I found this recipe.. I was out of bacon and cream and determined  to use what I had on hand. I substituted For linguica  and Evaporated milk. Yummmyyy!!! 😊 

  22. Excellent recipe. I adjusted it for my crock pot. I used precooked bacon chopped and 1 bag 16 ounce frozen corn and added a little more of the smoked paprika. Because I wanted to cut down on calories I used chicken broth 3 cups and 1 cup 2% milk with a little added half &half and placed towards the end of cooking time. I also sautéd  everything before putting it in except The potato’s and corn. The last 10 min I added 1 tbls Of corn starch to slightly thicken. Seved with a little cheddar on top. will definitely  make again. 

    • Let me say- this soup is great- the prep was a little crazy though (my fault) , I was cutting the corn off the cob, I guess some fell on the floor, I ended up slipping and falling over my dog on to the counters, breaking my fall with my elbow, which ended up in a hospital visit. 10/10 though, would slip on corn again. 

  23. Hello, I found this recipe only late last week, and intended to make it for my mom, since she had a tooth extraction today, and I must say this is a splendid recipe! This is the second time I have ever made homemade soup, and this was perfect since my mom didnt want the more spicy chilli I had made previously. And at this time of history, a very cheap soup to make, requiring few and readily available ingredients.I normally use chicken stock cubes, but since they were nowhere to be found, I had the brilliant idea of using instant chicken gravy mix already in the kitchen. It made it much better, and the smell was wonderful even before I added the vegetables! Thank you for the recipe.

    I plan to make this in the future, and invite our church homegroup for soup and fellowship! I highly advise serving this with Traditional Irish Soda Bread.

  24. Can I add cooked white fish to my corn chowder and thus make it into a seafood chowder

    Thank you, regards, Taya

  25. I have some frozen homemade corn stock. Can I use that in place of the water or chicken stock? If so, is it a 1:1 ratio?

    • I’ve not tested this recipe with corn stock (yours sounds delicious though!), so I can’t say for certain. It depends how much of a corn lover you are. If you LOVE corn, I’d do a 1:1 ratio. If you like it, I’d mix half corn stock and half chicken stock/water.

      • I made the soup and we used 3:2 homemade corn stock and chicken broth (low sodium) and it turned out really delicious. You can taste the corn flavor in the broth. We froze the chowder into individual containers (those plastic containers you get for take out) but didn’t add the heavy cream like you said in your recipe. This way, we can enjoy chowder whenever we want and not worry about wasting leftovers.

  26. This was my first attempt at corn chowder and I thought it was fantastic!! So much flavour! I used chicken broth and canned corn with a little added honey but otherwise followed the exact recipe. My husband loved it as well and it was a hit with the kids. Served with saltines, I will definitely be making it again, thank you so much!

  27. what is the nutritional value of this soup, i.e., carbs, fiber, sugar and fat.

    thank you.

    • As I’m not a nutritionist, I don’t provide full nutritional information for my recipes (wouldn’t want to potentially and unknowingly pass along incorrect information). Your best bet would be to copy the ingredients into your favorite online nutritional calculator.

  28. I do not have any blenders – can I make a roux instead and add it in? 

  29. Added carrots, celery and chicken to recipe. Turned out well. Served with butter bread. Everyone asked for seconds.

    • Love this chowder although I did add curry to it as it gives it a slightly different tastes and I used more stock.

      • Best damn chow-dah ever!
        I’m a corn chowder snob & this is my absolute favorite…
        & so easy to make.
        We had a snow storm in Colorado a few days ago… (I know… ugggg! It’s *still summer!!)
        & this is soup is soothing my weary soul. 
        Thank you!

  30. I have been making corn chowder for years & always order it when eating out. I made some chicken broth & thought it would be nice to use some in making corn chowder.. I saw your recipe & made it exactly the same except I only had fresh thyme. As I took the 1st bite I remarked, this is the best corn chowder I have ever eaten. I do recommend the immersion blender, I have made it using my blender & the immersion blender gives it a much better texture. Thank You

  31. Used Turkey bacon and about 2 or 3 chicken bouillon cubes. Delicious.

  32. I made this tonight and it was fantastic! I used frozen corn and chicken broth. I added some instant potatoes at the end to thicken it up. Thanks for the recipe and thanks to reviewer, Melissa, for the instant potato tip! We’re going to make this again and again!

  33. I make cream of turkey and wild rice soup made with a roux and heavy cream. I freeze it in serving containers for my truck driving hubby to take on the road and have zero problems with it separating or having a weird texture. I believe this would have the same outcome but I know mashed potatoes get watery after freezing so I wonder about the potato chunks as I’ve never froze my loaded baked potato soup. I’m definitely trying this and running a test freeze. Sounds so delicious! What’s not to love about a hearty corn and potato chowder on a cold winter night? I cut up thick sliced bacon in half long ways then into small pieces then fry it. I get a greater volume of bacon bits that way and it’s the only bacon bits we use. Less mess than crumbling after cooking whole. I hope you’re not offended it think I’m being snarky by my tips, tricks and experience with freezing creamed soups, that wasn’t my intention. I’d hate for my husband to miss out on this yummy sounding soup for fear of the cream separating during freezing. Again, thank you for the recipe!

    • No I love your tips and tricks 🙂 You never know what may help out a fellow reader. I’ve not tested freezing this recipe so I can’t truly say for certain how the potatoes will react. I do know occasionally I’ve had potatoes that have a grainy texture after being frozen, but it doesn’t seem to happen every time. Let me know how the test run goes!

  34. I made this recipe exactly as listed. I did use chicken stock instead of water and I doubled the bacon. Turned out fantastic, highly recommended.

  35. Love this recipe! It highlights the corn! Very quick recipe. I use frozen corn..

  36. My Mother made corn chowder often as she had eight kids and it was filling. Her recipe was simple. Diced potato,onion cooked in just enough water to cover the potatoes. She added cream style corn, whole kernel corn drained, a can of evaporated milk and a pat of butter on top. Served with saltines. I often make this a day ahead and reheat next day as it has better flavor day two. I do like to try new recipes in honor of her as she loved to try and swap recipes.I will be trying yours. Thanks.

  37. This was way too bland for my liking.  Made it as instructed but finally added lots of salt, pepper, a pinch of cayenne and a bit of Slap Yo Momma for a nice zing.

  38. I hate it when people leave comments on a recipe where they basically completely change it and then say how good it is. Really? It’s then a different recipe isn’t it. That being said….. I made it the original way the first time but used brith instead of water and died cheese. Both of those were mentioned in the original I think. It was great. I made it twice. My husband loved it. I am going out of town for several days and this was his choice for me to make for him to eat while I am gone.
    Well…I am pretty lazy and did not want to run out to the store. I didn’t have any cream in the house so I used sour cream. And I threw in some wine because hey, I remember the Galloping Gourmet. I used whatever potatoes I had. Really delicious.

  39. I recently learned how to boil water so I thought I’d just go all in and try making my favorite soup! lol

    Just wanted to ask how you think adding a diced carrot or two would work out?

  40. Oo i so wanted this to be amazing.. And it’s probably me… I’m not sure what i did… It looked so good.. Yes i used frozen and added a bit of honey.. But tasting it was just… Okay.. Like not really tasting like much..i even used chicken stock. I added some more salt and am frying  up some Kielbasa … Maybe that will up it. Again, not unhappy with recipe just thinking of something to give it a..umph

    • I use red pepper flakes in mine and some seasoned salt – salt is essential to developing flavor in my opinion.

  41. Great soup! I did use chicken broth instead of water, which I do with almost all of my soups to add richness of flavor. I am lactose intolerant, so I use Califa coconut milk and coconut water blend. It doesn’t add a coconut taste that I am that aware of, so it lets me have these amazing soups that have cream in them without substituting taste. I also added a can of creamed corn which helped on creaminess since I don’t use cream. I mashed some of the potatoes and added the butter/flour paste as you suggested and that worked super great. I loved that tip!!!! Thank you for this recipe. It goes in my book!!!

  42. Fantastic hearty corn chowder! My son and i stood over the pot while the concoction came to life. Just delicious. Don’t be afraid to add some heat.

  43. This recipe is very similar to my own, including using water to cook the potatoes; however, I do cook the potatoes separately and drain. this allows me to make a creamy, milky broth using a roux and then adding the potatoes, corn and bacon.

    Another twist I like is to use both cream corn and whole corn. The cream corn adds some additional creaminess to the soup and for the whole corn if not using fresh corn on the cob I like to use the mexi-corn which has peppers diced into it.

    Keep up the yummy work!

    P.S. Kudos to you for not taking the bait on negativity!

  44. My husband made this for dinner. Very good but light in flavor. Next time add some chili flakes.

  45. Wonderful recipe! You know it’s VERY GOOD when…… All four of my kids and husband loved it. I used organic frozen corn, I’m sure fresh would have made it even better. Thanks!!

  46. Fantastic recipe! I completed through step 5 and then threw it all in the slow cooker. I substituted pork belly for the bacon and chicken broth for the water. I also used 3 cups of frozen corn and one can of creamed corn to make up for the “corn milk”. I also added half a bulb of freshly roasted garlic to the whole mixture instead of adding the minced garlic in step 4. The immersion blender was the real star of the day for getting that final texture. Thanks for sharing!

  47. Really good . I added broccoli. 

  48. It is so good. Thank you. I used frozen corn instead of fresh off the cob, fresh thyme instead of dried, chicken broth instead of water, cream instead of half&half, and didn’t remove any bacon grease. I added maybe 1 tsp of cayenne pepper, and on a cold autumn day it is delightfully warming. I’m writing out the recipe for my binder now. As I say, this WILL be a regular at my house.

  49. AHHHMAZING! Thank you! I didn’t use any bacon as we don’t eat any meat and this turned out so delish! My family enjoyed it. I used half and half and water which made a very creamy base. I blended it and it was extra creamy. Thank you so much for this!

  50. Thanks, Chef! This corn chowder is delicious. I made it with vegetable stock instead of water and whole milk rather than 1/2 and 1/2 to cut calories and it was still creamy tasting, probably because of the blending of the potatoes and the corn.. I loved the ideas in the comment section about making broth out of corn cobs. I had never heard of that but sounds like a great idea.

  51. It was delicious! It is alot of work esp if you double recipe. I will try frozen corn next time to see. I also added some carrots and red pepper for flavor. I actually was tempted to add some kielbasa to it but didn’t want to change the flavor for first time. But the bacon went well with it.

  52. I made this last night! I added a red bell pepper and celery salt. I also used chicken stock and it was amazing! I even impressed my Italian mother-in-law
    (who is an incredible cook). I didn’t blend any of it. I just simmered it down longer and actually really loved the consistency. 

  53. Thank you for the recipe. I put my spin on recipes usually and had some deer sausage (that is really good), three slices of bacon and some ham. I actually made corn stock last night from cobs and used this as the broth. Used fresh corn on the cob and added celery as well. Didn’t have smoked paprika so used regular and added a little liquid smoke.  Didn’t have heavy cream so used evaporated milk. Added some fresh dill and will add fresh parsley as a garnish. It smells delicious and hope it tastes as good as it looks.

  54. I made it with chicken stock.  I also placed cobs in pot of simmering corn chowder , so that the rest of the juice and pulp would be extracted.  Before I purée, I removed the cobs.  The Corn Chowder was delicious!!!!!!  Recipe was a double yum!!!!  😋

  55. I love this recipe i also use chicken broth and breast of the chicken.. Thank you for the recipe. Now i don’t have to eat it from the can..😋

  56. Made it as is, first time cooking corn chowder and it was amazingly delicious. Great leftover and even eating it cold. Will be making this again and again thanks for sharing the recipe!

  57. The single biggest reason I am so unimpressed with this potentially winning recipe is that you add 5 cups of no flavor. I am sure you catch my drift… please be MUCH more creative when cooking… there are so many better alternatives that will enhance the flavor of this dish GUARANTEED!

    • Thank you for your concern with my “creativeness” when cooking. I chose to use water as I wanted to simple flavor of the corn to shine, but as mentioned, you can substitute chicken or vegetable broth if you’d like. That’s the beauty of cooking… you can add your own flair to things!

      • Resending cmt, as the 1st time, it said unavailable.

        You are far more gracious than I am, concerning the negative comments from others. As my dear, sweet grandmama used to say, “If you can’t say something nice, then just “hush up, youngin!” 😁
        Your chowder looks amaazing and I am currently cooking it now for dinner tonight! Thanks so much for sharing 🙋‍♀💞

    • There are two kinds of commenters–those who offer constructive criticism in a friendly manner, and those who assume a condescending, snarky tone of superiority.

    • Try not to hurt yourself, climbing down off that high horse of yours.

    • Excuse me, Mr Negativity ~ Have you even made this chowder yet? It’s best to make it before commenting. I know your mama taught you better than being rude to others. Please, make the chowder and then comment.

    • Keith no one likes a smarty pants.  Chef made it his way and you made it your way.  There’s plenty of room for everyone to customize their own versions. 

  58. Thank you for this tasty recipe.  It was easy to make and forgiving to approximate measurements.  I did sub whole evaporated milk which worked well.  

  59. My suggestion to make it creamier is to add some instant potato flakes to it until it is as thick as you want. I do the same to potato soup. Makes more sense then adding flour or cornstarch.

  60. I made this tonight. It was really good. I think next time I would add more garlic and I would use veggie stock instead of water. I used my pressure cooker to cook the entire dish. Cooked the bacon pieces, onion, garlic, and flour using the sauté function. Then I used the manual setting on my pressure cooker for 5 minutes after adding the water, potatoes, and corn. Yummy! 

  61. Can I use milk instead of half and half ?? 

  62. can you use milk instead of half and half?

  63. I made this soup as described and while I liked the texture and the sweetness (particularly with the bacon bits) I felt it was a little one-dimensional and boring in flavor. Before serving to the family, I added 2 cups organic low-sodium chicken stock and some Garlic Salt with Parsley and let simmer for another hour to thicken up. This made a HUGE difference to the flavor. Next time I’ll make with chicken stock instead of water for a more flavorful and nuanced soup 🙂

  64. I made this soup twice! Once with corn on the cob & once with frozen pkg corn & couldn’t tell the difference. Will always us the frozen. The cob was messy & took too much time to get it off the cob. Soup was delicious & is a definite keeper. Tsk!!

  65. Do you have nutrition values for this soup? Particularly calories per cup and varbohydrates? I have a diabetic in the family. I do love this recipe and have made it before. Thanks..

    • Glad you enjoy it! As I’m not a nutritionist, I don’t provide full nutritional information for my recipes (don’t want to inadvertently pass along incorrect information). Your best bet would be to copy the ingredients into your favorite online nutritional calculator.

  66. I don’t care for yellow corn. Can I use white corn instead?

  67. I love the it. Great job CHEF!! YES , I SAID CHEF!! Question: can i freeze it or can it in jars for winter?? Thanks so much for sharing your dish CHEF.

  68. Awesome recipe which is easy to prepare. I used fresh thyme, left out the cream and used the 8 corn cobs to make a corn stock to replace the water. After using the immersion blender the chowder was wonderfully thick and creamy hence the decision to leave out the cream. The chowder goes great with a fresh summer salad and a baguette.

  69. Great recipe and as a 1980 graduate of the CIA in Hyde Park New York. I am not all offended by you calling yourself a chef. With the Internet being what it is today everyone can increase their knowledge in a number of vocations. I after running my own business for 20 years am still learning. I just want to say thank you for a great recipe which turned out awesome!

  70. Do you have to blend the ingredients? 

  71. I made the chowder exactly as described, and it was delicious. Thanks Chef!

  72. Insanely good. Even better than the version that everyone swoons over at a local restaurant. I subbed chicken broth for the water. Added a red bell pepper, a punch of Tabasco and a little more thyme. Making for the second time this month. Leftovers even better the next day. Thank you, Chef 😋! 

  73. You are doing a huge disservice to those of us who are trained, skilled chefs by calling yourself a chef. Definition of a chef:
    Chef means a degree of professionalism either because you’ve got the qualification or because you’ve worked in a restaurant kitchen.

    Please refer to yourself as a cook.

    • As a college educated woman, I don’t need you to define the word chef to me. The chef part of my site name comes from a family joke. As it is MY website, I will call myself whatever I want, but feel free to start your own website where you can make yourself feel fantastic about your culinary skills and call yourself whatever you want 🙂

    • Just because she isn’t a classically trained chef doesn’t mean she is forbidden from using the word at all. Dr. Dre surely never took a Hippocratic oath, but calls himself a doctor nonetheless. The fact that you are so threatened by a mere play on words is frankly sad. 

    • Wow! Someone is butthurt. He’s just mad cause he can’t come up with a better soup recipe. 🤣

    • You need to work on your insecurities. The only difference between a chef and a home cook is the home cook isn’t spitting in your food.

    • WOW Patrick – Rude much? By all means let me know where you work as a “Chef” so that I can make sure I never dine there.

    • Holy cow! Chill out. 

    • Patrick – Just because someone is Chef doesn’t mean they can cook worth a crap. I’ve known people that are just “cooks” that can out- cook someone that was a trained chef. Get over your self coming up in here like you own a 5 star restaurant with your over the top self righteousness.

    • You’re a wee bit insecure. And quite nasty. I wonder, other than denigrating “the Chunky Chef”, what is the purpose of your comments? Instead of inciting bad karma, why don’t  you post a recipe for a dish that will be as delicious as this one? 

    • Seriously? 🤨
      Who are you to tell someone what they should do or say?
      Shoo! Get outta here! Go somewhere else if you cannot be anything, but be rude. 👎 I know your mama taught you better than that…

  74. Absolutely to good, will make over and over again!!!!!

  75. Super nice! I added a little bit of roasted capsicum and roasted chicken breast separate then added to the soup while serving, Also use sweet potato mash i had left over! Everyone loved it!

  76. Crazy question…  do I cook the corn before cutting it off the cob??  

    • Nope, no need to, as the corn will cook in the soup 🙂

    • I’ve been married for 44 yrs and with all the meals I’ve cooked for  my family of  3 girls and 2 grandchildren I one of my titles of taking care of them is certainly Chef. Along with many other titles of being a stay at home mom. And my oldest daughter went to culinary school 

  77. Can you use home grown corn from the freezer? If so about how many cups do you need.

  78. We added some Hatch green chilies, we kept everything else true to the recipe. Awesome!

  79. Hi!  Looking forward to making this. Do you peel the potatoes?  Thanks for your help!

  80. Added small chunks of chicken breast.
    Best yummy soup of all time…… 😉

  81. I have not made it yet, but I expect it to be delicious. I am actually salivating already! HAHA!

    I was going to do canned tomato soup for supper, but hubby has been having bad acid reflux, so I suggested using canned corn chowder, even though I HATE canned corn chowder…

    Your recipe is basically the same thing as what my grandparents made in their restaurant, minus the bacon crumbled on top. They used bacon grease. And their corn chowder is the “only” corn chowder I’ve ever liked — not even my mom’s was as good as her parents’!! LOL — Soooo THANK YOU for your recipe. I am making it tonight. And seeing as it only takes 50 minutes start to finish – I am happy to wait til 5 pm to start it. HAHA!!!!!!!!!!!

    I also shared it within a group I am with on FB

  82. Amanda – this is Amazing! I had to make some mods due to my husband hating potatoes in soup (IKR?) so I blended up two cans of cream of potato instead of the 1 lb of yukons or reds, I used 4 cups of chicken broth (instead of water) because I added a whole shredded rotisserie chicken (we like thick soup) and let me tell you …. wow! I really appreciate the tip about the honey. I added that too as I used frozen corn from this past summer’s garden. My husband is no “soup fan” and he said this was “fabulous!” I agree!

  83. The whole family raved how delicious this chowder is. I heard “best chowder ever”! The immersion blender is a great idea. Thanks. 
    Deb V

  84. Made the slow cooker version. was excellent!

  85. Delicious! Used 1 can of 15.25 oz whole kernel corn & 1 can of 14.75 oz cream style corn instead of the fresh corn. Also added the bacon into the chowder & only used 1/2 c of half & half

  86. I made this tonight. It turned out so good. I used frozen corn and baked potatoes instead of fresh. I also used half chicken broth and half water. Make sure you add the honey if you use the frozen corn. It made a world of difference.
    The only change I would make is to dice a baked potato and add it in after using the immersion blender and before adding the half and half. But that is because I really like the potato chunks in my chowder.

  87. When do you add the the bacon back into the soup?

  88. Dumb question…when do you add back in the bacon? Only at the end?

  89. I added a bay leaf at the same time as the thyme, and it added a great flavor!

  90. How many cups of frozen corn would I use? Its winter and I don’t have fresh corn :/

  91. Hi. How many servings does this recipe make?

    Thank you.

  92. I love a good corn dish! This is going to be a must make at my house!

  93. This looks super comforting! Perfect for colder nights!

  94. mmm..this looks incredibly delicious!! YUM!

  95. Do you think this would still be good without the bacon? Looks so delicious but I don’t eat pork!

    • We don’t eat pork either over here, but corn chowder desperately needs the smoky flavor the bacon adds, I use turkey bacon instead and have also used vegan bacon although it didn’t give me that deep smoky flavor as the turkey bacon! You could omit it altogether but corn chowder really is so much better with it!

    • A good sub is parm cheese

  96. What a great idea! Love this. I’m sure this is incredibly delicious!

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  98. This is comfort in a bowl! Would love to be having this for lunch today!