Crockpot Beef Barley Soup

This ultra comforting beef barley soup recipe is made so easily in the slow cooker, which also makes for incredibly tender beef and vegetables, with perfectly textured barley!

Recipes like my Crockpot White Chicken Chili and Crockpot Meatloaf are great for when you want a family pleasing meal with minimal effort. We love cooking in the crockpot, and this is one of my Slow Cooker Recipes you’ll definitely want in your recipe box!

Holding a bowl of beef barley soup


Tender beef, hearty vegetables and plump barley… it’s the perfect beef barley soup!  Get out the slow cooker and get ready to enjoy one of the best comfort foods, with minimal effort!  

When the weather turns colder, it’s the time for some SERIOUS comfort food… and this is my all time favorite.

Soup is so perfect this time of year; especially slow cooker soups, since there’s not a lot of hands-on cooking time!

As I mentioned, beef barley soup is my favorite soup… ever!  Despite loving it so much, for the longest time, I never made it at home.  I was perfectly happy opening a can.

But now that I’ve been working on and perfecting this recipe… I’ll never have canned beef barley soup again!

Ladle of beef barley


You won’t believe how easy this soup is to make… seriously!

  1. Brown the beef cubes (this is optional, but I highly recommend it)
  2. Add all ingredients to slow cooker, stir
  3. Cover and cook on LOW for 7-8 hours or HIGH for 4-5 
  4. Remove bay leaves and thyme stems and serve


  • Use a tough cut of meat – this is a prime example of when to use a tougher cut of meat like a chuck roast or shoulder.  No need to buy expensive sirloin tips or anything.
  • Browning the beef adds flavor – but isn’t absolutely essential.  I love to brown my beef pieces, since I love that extra deep flavor it adds… but I’ve made this several times without taking that extra step, and it still tastes delicious.


Since this soup cooks for a long time in the slow cooker, a tougher cut of meat is usually used.  I like to use chuck roast or chuck shoulder.  The low and slow simmer will turn these marbled cuts of beef into incredibly tender bites of meat that can be literally cut apart with a spoon.


Barley is such an underused grain.  It’s texture is chewy with an almost nutty flavor, and it cooks perfectly in the slow cooker.

Slow cooker full of beef barley soup recipe


  • Potatoes are optional –  I always prefer some buttery potatoes in my soup, so I added them here… but if you’d rather not add them, no worries, the soup will still taste amazing!
    • In fact, feel free to switch up the veggies to ones that you love.  Mushrooms are a lovely addition as well!
  • Prefer a different meat?  Go for it!  This soup can be made with ground beef if you’d prefer.  Just fully brown and drain the beef before adding all the ingredients to the slow cooker.
  • Other cooking methods – if you’d prefer another cooking method, please see the recipe notes section right below the written recipe for full details.


This soup is great to make ahead of time, with one modification.  Since the barley can absorb too much of the liquid when made ahead, and get mushy, I find it best to cook the barley separately.

Make as directed, just omitting the barley.  Cool completely and refrigerate.  Follow package directions for barley and cook it separately when you’re ready to eat the soup.

Hearty and positively soul-warming, this beef barley soup simmers all day in the slow cooker, which makes for an incredibly rich soup recipe! #beefbarley #soup #slowcooker #crockpot #comfortfood #barley #beefsoup #easyrecipe #dinner


Yep!  Since this soup doesn’t contain any dairy, it freezes beautifully.  Cool the soup completely (or any leftovers), then transfer to an airtight container and freeze for up to 3 months.

To thaw it out, place it in the refrigerator the night before you want to eat it, and reheat it in a saucepan on the stovetop.


Leftovers should be kept refrigerated for up to 4-5 days.

Spoonful of beef barley soup


  • Slow cooker with aluminum insert – I LOVE using a slow cooker like this, since you can brown the beef in the slow cooker without losing any of those browned bits of flavor!
  • More economical slow cooker – This slow cooker has been a workhorse for me, and at the price, you can’t beat it!
  • Plastic cutting boards – These are perfect for cutting up the chuck roast so you don’t have the juices running into your wooden cutting board.



Hearty and positively soul-warming, this beef barley soup simmers all day in the slow cooker, which makes for an incredibly rich soup recipe! #beefbarley #soup #slowcooker #crockpot #comfortfood #barley #beefsoup #easyrecipe #dinner

Crockpot Beef Barley Soup

This ultra comforting beef barley soup recipe is made easy in the slow cooker, which makes for incredibly tender beef and vegetables with perfectly textured barley!
4.9 from 65 votes
Prep Time 15 mins
Cook Time 6 hrs
Total Time 6 hrs 15 mins
Servings 6 - 8 servings
Calories 378


  • 1.5 lbs beef chuck roast, trimmed of excess fat and cut into 1 inch pieces
  • 1 - 1 1/2 lbs potatoes, peeled and diced into 1/2 inch pieces - (Yukon gold or russets are preferred)
  • 2 carrots, peeled and cut into 1/2 inch pieces
  • 1 medium yellow or sweet onion, peeled and diced
  • 2 ribs celery, sliced in half lengthwise, then cut into 1/2-1 inch pieces
  • 4 cloves garlic, minced
  • 2 Tbsp tomato paste
  • 2 Tbsp better than bouillon beef base - (optional but recommended)
  • 2 tsp Worcestershire sauce
  • 1/2 tsp kosher salt
  • 1/4 tsp black pepper
  • 2 sprigs fresh thyme
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 6 cups beef broth or stock - reduced sodium
  • 2/3 cup pearl barley


  • If desired, heat 1 Tbsp vegetable oil in a large skillet over MED HIGH heat.  Add beef cubes and brown for 1-2 minutes per side.
  • Add beef and all remaining ingredients to slow cooker and stir to combine.  Cover and cook on LOW for 7-8 hours or on HIGH for 4-5 hours.
  • Remove bay leaves and thyme stems and serve.  Goes perfectly with some crusty bread.



** if you find the barley is too soft for your liking, you can try adding the barley halfway through the cook time (for slow cooker), and the last 30 minutes of cooking (on the stovetop).  For the instant pot, I would cook the barley separate (since you can't open it up halfway through the cook time).
** if not using the Better than Bouillon, you might need to increase the seasoning amounts, to your tastes.


  1. Place 1 Tbsp oil in the bottom of Instant Pot and set to "Saute". Once hot, work in batches to brown the beef. Place on a plate once browned.
  2. Add additional 2 teaspoons oil to the Instant Pot and saute the onions and celery until softened. Add the garlic and cook 30 more seconds. Add the beef back in along with the carrots, tomato paste, beef base, potatoes, worcestershire, barley, broth, salt, pepper, thyme, and bay leaf.
  3. Stir together, place lid on and set valve to "seal". Cook on HIGH PRESSURE for 15 minutes with a 15 minutes natural release followed by a quick release. Remove lid when safe. Remove bay leaf and thyme sprigs.


  1. Place 1 Tbsp oil in the bottom of a pot (a dutch oven works great!). Work in batches to brown the beef. Place on a plate once browned.
  2. Add 1 Tbsp butter to pot and saute the onions and celery over medium heat until softened. Add the garlic and cook 30 seconds. 
  3. Add the beef back in along with the carrots, tomato paste, beef base, potatoes, worcestershire, barley, broth, salt, pepper, thyme, and bay leaf.  Bring to a boil, cover, reduce heat to low and let simmer 60-90 minutes or until beef is tender. 
  4. Remove bay leaf and thyme sprigs.
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If changing the recipe serving quantity, the recipe plugin will change the ingredient values for you, but it does NOT change the written instructions, those are manually added and not subject to a slider/button. You will have to extrapolate that multiplication to any amounts listed in the instructions.

For example: if an ingredient calls for 4 cups, and you doubled the recipe, it will automatically change to 8 cups. In the instructions, if I say “use 4 cups of cheese”, you will have to realize that since you doubled it, you use 8 cups, not 4


Hearty and positively soul-warming, this beef barley soup simmers all day in the slow cooker, which makes for an incredibly rich soup recipe! #beefbarley #soup #slowcooker #crockpot #comfortfood #barley #beefsoup #easyrecipe #dinner

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166 comments on “Crockpot Beef Barley Soup”

  1. I could only find quick cooking barley. Should I add it to the last 10 minutes of cooking? Or should I cook it and add when the soup is done? Thanks

  2. do I put barley in slow cooker in beginning

  3. This is delicious BUT the timing for everything was way off for me. The first time I made this I had to pull the carrots and potatoes out, they finished cooking after one hour on low. I can’t imagine leaving them in there for any more time than that. The barley also only took 2 hours to cook. If you want thicker broth like a stew you can take out half a cup of liquid, whisk in 2 tbs of corn starch and then add it back in. 

  4. If I double the recipe, should I change the cook time? Would double fit in a regular sized crockpot? 

  5. Made this today  I added mushrooms . My BFF was very happy 

  6. This was spectacular!  I made no changes to the recipe the first time, but added mushrooms the second time.  Both attempts were out of this world delicious and easy.  New family favorite!

  7. I made the soup yesterday and it was very good with some crusty sourdough bread. The flavor was just a little overpowering for me but that is personal taste. I will make it again but will use half of the recommended Better than Bouillion Beef base. I will also put the barley in half way into the cooking time. Overall this is a wonderful soup.

  8. Made this for dinner today & followed recipe almost to the letter. Didn’t have fresh thyme, so i used dried. It was delicious & my whole family loved it. Great flavor, not too salty & my house smelled amazing. Also made yeast rolls to accompany the soup. Thanks for a great recipe!

  9. This recipe was so good. I’ve never tried to make any soup with barley at home before, but it was amazing and so easy in the slow cooker.

  10. This recipe is DE-LISH. I made a few tweaks based on my preference and pantry supplies, but it was only to add to the deliciousness already present. Great recipe! Thank you! 

  11. Can I use vegetable broth instead of beef broth?

  12. If all I have is quick cooking barley, at what point in time would you recommend adding it?

  13. I first made this soup a couple of weeks ago after doing some research, comparing recipes and reading comments. I knew it would be perfect for my daughter who is a new mother, and breastfeeding her baby. Apparently barley is very good for breast milk production, and I love beef and barley soup, although growing up I never had it other than out of a Campbell soup can!

    I LOVE to cook and could tell this soup recipe would be incredibly tasty, which it was!! In fact it surpassed my expectations and I found it to be indescribably delicious…I was very impressed with how savoury and complex the flavours were. The only thing that I altered was adding some parsnips because I love them. I also started with a very nice and large beef Chuck pot roast, which I trimmed and cut into beauiful 3/4″ to 1″ pieces. I then placed them into a mixture of olive oil, kosher salt and a generous amount of fresh garlic (peeled and crushed), letting it rest at room temperature for a minimum of 30 minutes before browning in the skillet. I truly believe the thyme and Bay leaves are the key ingredients to making this soup so flavorful, as well as the better than boullion organic base and worchestshire sauce! I ended up cooking it in a 6 qt. crockpot for approximately 6-8 hours, which resulted in a very tender, creamy and delicious beef stew with incredible texture. I did not incorporate potatoes when I made this, as I don’t feel it needed it…it was so incredibly smooth, thick and creamy

    Thanks so much for sharing your recipe… Everyone whom I’ve shared it with has asked me for it, including my daughter who is planning to make it for her family!!!

  14. This is seriously the best soup I’ve ever had!! So delicious and rich

    • This is one of my all time favorite recipes, ever since discovering it I have cooked it at least every month. Sooooo delicious!

  15. Omg most amazing soup EVER!! I sautéed the carrot, onion, and celery before I put them in crockpot to make them softer. The flavor, with the beef base, is soooo wonderful!

  16. I make my own version of this soup which is VERY similar to this recipe. I’ll add the herbs you list and see if we like it. I think the barley adds great texture and the broth is so beefy rich, especially when you add the boullion! Good comfort food on a cold day!

  17. I have only beef stock on hand and it’s not low sodium. I have no better than bullion on hand. Would it be too salty not using low sodium stock, omit the better than bullion and the salt entirely?

  18. What is your preferred method of making this soup:  slow cooker, stove top or instant pot?

  19. Looks great! The recipe is quite simple and easy to prepare, added to the menu for this weekend. hope to enjoy Crockpot Beef Barley Soup with my family. Thanks and good day!

  20. I first made this recipe for my family about six months back, and now my parents insist I make it once a week! Such a satisfying, hearty meal that is surprisingly moderate calorie-wise and full of good macronutrients. I seldom rate recipes but had to comment to give props where they’re due! Thank you. Also, the ability to toggle to the appropriate number of servings and get the updated measurements is so helpful for someone who regularly hosts others for dinner. 

    • I am planning to make this Tuesday. My question is do the veggies get too mushy cooking for the whole 7 to 8 hours or do they hold form well?

  21. Delicious! Haven’t had this in years. Made it in the instant pot and was not disappointed.

  22. BEEF BARLEY SOUP recipe is great! I made it according to your recipe and the taste is great! Everyone in the family likes it, it makes me happy. thank you

  23. I made this recipe yesterday. It was delicious. Will make it again.

  24. Delicious! Just about one of my favorite soups. I LOVE barley, so of course, I added more. The meat package I bought  was over 2#, but hey, the more the merrier. I didn’t add the salt….health reasons. I like tomatoes in my soup so I just added some can diced tomatoes. I live alone and hate to cook for myself so now I have a freezer full of soup to make my tummy happy. (Did give my 85 y/o neighbor some for him and his wife (wife has Alzheimers) and my sister (chef)) Will be making this again. Thanks!

  25. My husband grew up eating beef barley soup. I LOVES this recipe so much. He asks me to make it pretty frequently.

  26. Great hearty recipe.

  27. Wonderful soup! Made it just as the recipe states in our crock pot and it is going into our regular rotation.

  28. did this recipe on the stove-turned out super excellent-added turnips bc they were in my fridge.Thanks so much everyone loves it.

  29. Do you have to add the bay leaves and thyme?  Will it affect it a lot? 

  30. i just followed the directions (mostly) and it was DELICIOUS! I used reduced sodium beef broth.
    Will definitely put this in the rotation – thank you !

  31. Hi,
    I’m in New Zealand so can’t get better than bouillon, is there anything else you would suggest to get the stronger flavour?


  32. Hi Amanda, I’ve been trying out a slow cooker lately, and am thrilled to find this recipe around! I usually cook stews like this using a trusty pressure cooker, but I’ve been hearing great stuff about slow cookers. I’ll be sure to report back on how it tastes at dinner tonight!

  33. I made this, th, the first time ever making beef barley soup ( I usually make chicken barley which is awesome as well) and it was a home run with the family! It came out great! I also added mushrooms instead of carrots just as a family preference. Outstanding

  34. The only regret I have about making this recipe is that I didn’t make a triple batch in a super big pot.

  35. Made it tonight in the slow cooker. Beef came out very soft. I used no salt added beef broth and added salt to taste. The only thing Is that the beef was quite bland. Next time, I would add salt to the beef when browning it. I also thickened it with a cornstarch slurry as it was a little runny for my liking but overall it was quite good. Would do it again with modifications. 

  36. I am curious, how does the tomato paste affect the taste? I am very much a straight up beef flavored stew kind of person. When buying the cans in the store I have to read the ingredients because I don’t like the taste of the tomato paste in it. Yes, I know, picky. Back to my question, is it a flavor you don’t notice or is it something that will stand out (even a little)?

    • I don’t notice the flavor, but I also like the taste of tomato paste. You can omit it if you’d like… I haven’t tested the recipe without it, but I think it would still taste great 🙂

    • Hi …I use tomato paste that comes in a tube. Also I always add it after soften the veggies and cook it a bit, that helps take that tomato paste bite out. Hope this helps you.

  37. This soup was amazing. My entire family loved it. Can’t wait to try it again 😊. I used my crock pot and sauteed the beef and I also sauteed the ionions and garlic and after sauteed the onions and garlic I added a little beef broth to the pan to scrape up the remaining carmelized residual onions and beef and garlic and put all of that flavor in the crock pot. I only added the Better than Bullion and skipped the extra salt. I noticed someone mentioned that it was salty. We found it to be delicious and not salty at all. Thank you so much for sharing. It’s my husband’s favorite soup.

  38. Is there nutritional information for this?

    • In the written recipe it states the calorie amount, but as I’m not a nutritionist, I don’t provide full nutritional information for my recipes (don’t want to inadvertently pass along incorrect information). Your best bet would be to copy the ingredients into your favorite online nutritional calculator.

  39. If I am making this in a crockpot what do I have to do differently? Do I still have to cook everything on stove first?

  40. Love this recipe and LOVE the idea of an aluminum insert for the slow cooker! Can’t believe I don’t have one yet!

  41. My crock pot is begging me to make this! It is so perfect for these cold times of year.

  42. I love making stew in my crockpot! I can’t wait to give this recipe a try and enjoy it on these cool evenings we are having.

  43. Cold wdeather makes me want alllll the soup! This look hearty and delish!

  44. This is one of my family’s favorite go-to soups on a cold and dreary day. it’s pure comfort food and the perfect way to warm ourselves up. Love it!

  45. Love this hearty soup recipe. It’s such an amazing comfort food.

  46. excellent.

  47. I made this recipe about a month ago and doubled it. We had a death in the family and took it to the relatives. They and us absolutely loved it. It is definitely a soul food that warms you from the inside out. I am getting my grocery list ready to make it again.

  48. While great flavor, did anyone else think this was tooo…salty! The better than bouillon is very salty and 2 Tbsp of it along with 1/2 tsp kosher salt and beef broth was wayyyyy too salty. Maybe I misread something in the recipe. Comments please.

    • I’m sorry this recipe wasn’t to your tastes! I always use the lowest sodium content broth I can find, and if you found this to be too salty, perhaps you could try a reduced sodium better than bouillon, or cut back on the salt.

      • I will definitely make it again but seeing no other comments about saltiness I wondered if I had misread the recipe. I will try it with the low sodium better than bullion and cut back on the kosher salt as well. Otherwise it has great taste!

      • I made this recipe last night for myself and my son. That kid will eat anything lol. I’m the picky one. This was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I made it in my instant pot and I have shared this recipe with all of my cooking friends. The only things I did different was use baby carrots because I find them more sweet . I used white cooking wine to remove the beef residue from the bottom of the instant pot after I sauteed the meat and veggies too and I added a quarter cup of red lentils. They totally dissolved but that’s ok because it thickened it up a little and gave it a very rich flavor without the lentils being obvious. I’m hooked. This will become a staple in my house! Thank you!

  49. Best beef barley soup I have ever tasted.

  50. This was amazing! I didn’t make any changes other than adding more veggies and a tad more barley. Nothing was too mushy or overcooked. It really was delicious. This will become a regular in my house.

  51. Delicious!!! A sure crowd pleaser for cold winter weather dinners and a favorite comfort food in my home!! Thank you

  52. I was really looking forward to this soup. I love beef barley soup. I’ve had it on now for 8hrs on low in a crockpot I used just several weeks ago to make red beans in. Right now my carrots are still crunchy and even the green beans. Meat is like a rock. The pot is getting hot and so are the contents. But it’s not ‘bubbling’. I have a 6qt. Rival crockpot, older style but it still works well. Am I lifting the lid or stirring too much? This is weird. Anyone have any suggestions? I live in southern california so maybe they drop the power voltage sporadically? Would love some thoughts and possible solutions. It’s finally starting to smell good. I’ve had this problem with brand new crockpots too so I don’t think it’s the pot.

    • It honestly sounds like a crockpot or power issue. However, as a general rule, I don’t lift the lid or stir when making crockpot recipes, as it will let quite a bit more heat out than you think it will. I can assure you, the recipe as written will not result in crunchy veggies or hard beef, so it could be a power issue. I live in the midwest, and have never had that problem.

    • You should not be lifting the lid to stir. As a general rule, every time you lift the lid, add about half an hour to your cooking time. Slow cookers are designed to cook meals with no stirring involved. 

  53. Delicious! It turned out great following the recipe almost to the letter. I used dried thyme. Spend a few pennies more to buy the best beef broth or stock you can. I think it makes a difference. Also adding the suggested Beef Better than Bouillon increases the flavor. I forgot to turn off the crock pot so mine cooked for 8.5 hours (Oy!) but it still turned out great!

  54. Soup was amazing! Hearty,flavorful and easy! Wouldn’t change anything!! My new go to recipe!! Thanx

  55. This is by far the best beef barley soup I have ever had! I made it almost exact as written, (did not peel potatoes, used 1 tablespoon vegetable better than bouillon, and I use dried thyme). Next time I will try mushrooms. I am looking forward to making more of your recipes!

  56. This is by far the most delicious beef barley soup I have ever had. I made it almost exactly as written, (I didn’t peel potatoes, I used one tbs of vegetable better than bouillon, and I used dried thyme). I’m looking forward to making more of your recipies!

  57. I am busy making this and want to verify that the 2T of the beef bouillon is to make the 6 cups of beef broth. So not “in addition to” the already made beef broth. I hope this makes sense!
    Thank you, 

  58. Has anyone tried this in an instant pot? Any cook time recommendations! I’ve had it from a slow cooker before and it is DELICIOUS.

  59. I have loved beef barley soup since I was a child! My Dad loved it, so Mom made it frequently in the winter months. She always added turnip, also my Dad’s favorite. So we cut down on the potatoes, and added the chunks of turnip, they’re healthier, and add great flavor to the soup!!

  60. This is my husbands favorite soup. I haven’t made it before – WOW. I used a nearly 3# roast. I added more carrots and celery then recipe calls for. I haven’t made anything using stock before and with that in addition to the Better Than Bouillion base, I think that for sure makes a difference! It is very filling and makes quite a bit. 🙂 This soup is going in the dinner rotation for sure! Hubby loved it!

  61. Hi, going to make this this week. I’ve never cooked barley before. is it going to absorb a lot of the broth and be mushy if i leave it in the crock pot for 6 hours? Same thing if i freeze it? Or am i better off cooking the barley separately and adding it at time of meal since it will be multiple meals. I really don’t like making soups and ending up with mush when the ingredients absorb it. Thanks!

    • If you’re going to eat it all in one sitting (for a family dinner or something), then it’ll be fine in the crockpot as written. But if you’re going to stretch it into multiple meals I’d advise cooking the barley separate and adding it as you reheat the soup 🙂

  62. Came out wonderfully I did add some canned diced tomatoes as well definitely will make again

    • When I wrote my review I forgot to add that I, too, added a can of diced tomatoes as I forgot to buy the tomato paste. It was still wonderful!

  63. Just made this. Can’t wait to eat it.  Smells so good!

  64. Hi Amanda,
    I am making this for dinner a day early will it be oaky to re heat tomorrow?

    • It should be okay to reheat, although the barley may be a tad on the soft side. In case the barley absorbed too much of the liquid during the storing, add a splash of beef broth when reheating.

  65. I am excited about making this recipe.  Would you recommend high or low temperature in the crock pot?

  66.   Please don’t tell people to use aluminum to cook their food with. It’s toxic and builds up in your system and causes Alzheimers.  I’m planning to try the recipe but definitely omitting aluminum. 

    • You can choose to cook with whichever slow cooker you prefer… I never demand people cook with anything, I’m just sharing options. And in the actual written recipe, I don’t mention it at all.

  67. I’ve made this twice already and it comes out great every time. my only suggestion is I think it only needs one bay leaf not 2, but that’s probably personal preference. This is a great crock pot recipe!!!! And it freezes really well for future meals. one more thing it does come out in between a soup and a stew. I really like it like that. If you want it more like a soup you can just add more broth. This is definitely worth making. Also I brown the meat before I put it in the Crock-Pot.

  68. I too love barley soup.  My grandmother use to make it frequently.  But I am more worried about you.  You have been seriously ill and are still worried about us.  Take care, rest, and take hour meds.  We will include
    You in our prayers.  Beth

  69. Delicious. Restaurant quality. I did use the Better than Bullion (lower sodium beef) in addition to 6 cups unsalted stock. I added a few handfuls of fresh cut green beans and some cayenne pepper. Cooked for 2.5 hours or so on top of the stove. Will definitely make again!

  70. This is an absolutely delicious recipe.

  71. I added fresh minced rosemary and about another half cup of the low sodium beef broth and simmered on low on the stove for about two hours.  I added 2/3 cup of frozen peas with about 15 minutes left. It was absolutely delicious and perfect!!!

  72. Will a 3 quart crock pot be big enough for this recipe?

    • I think that might be a bit small.

      • Would a large pot on the stove top work instead? I’m thinking the time would have to be adjusted slightly.

        • Nevermind that last reply. I totally forgot about the new slow cooker I had picked up about 2 months ago. Haha. I’m just now getting into cooking. Trying to eat right and all that fun stuff. Beef barely soup was something my grandmother made that I loved as a child. Her recipe had been lost. I’m hoping this is close.

  73. So the potatoes are not soggy being in tge crockpot that long.

  74. Best beef barley soup I’ve ever made! The Better than Boilion is a must. Gives it a bold beef favor.
    I also added chopped kale.

  75. I am making this soup recipe right now and it smells really delicious. I did double it, and because my husband is a hunter I put half beef and half venison meat. During the winter months I try to make soup every Sunday. This one will for sure be added to my soup collection!!

  76. I followed the recipe mostly except added a bit more carrot and celery and garlic. I also didn’t fo 6 cups of stock because I had added the better than bouillon. So I added 6 cups of water instead. I did want it to be too salty. 

  77. My whole family loved it!  Wish I made more,  can I just double all the ingredients if I want a double batch?

    • So glad you loved it! Yes, you can double all the ingredients for a double batch… I’d test the meat after the directed cooking time to make sure it’s tender. If it’s not, add another hour 🙂

  78. Can I omit the potatoes?

  79. My daughter is making this in a large quantity to provide meals to seniors. I know that it says 6-8 servings. What would you estimate this to be in ounces per servings? We got 16 oz containers and want to make sure that we are making enough. Thanks.

  80. How many people does this feed?

  81. What size of a crockpot do you use?

  82. This sounds yummy for a rainy day here in Calif. Question–can I use stew meat already cut up from the market. For some reason here pot roast is so expensive here. Thanks again. Can’t wait to make.

  83. Have you tried making this in an insta-pot? If so how long and at what temp.

    My wife made it in our slow cooker and it was delicious and my picky eater kids loved it too.

    • I haven’t tested it personally, but I know another reader (Karen Flores-Perez) has commented saying that she made it in her electric pressure cooker… maybe you could comment on her comment and see if she’ll share her process? So glad you all loved this slow cooker version!

    • We did it in the Instant Pot for 90mins and then let it cool naturally. We added 1/2cup of red wine and browned the meat and veggies as well. We bought 10min. Quick barley from Trader Joe’s as well and did that after the 90mins. We used boneless short ribs too! 

  84. This was delicious and my hubby was making happy grunting noises while eating it!! Kept it simple and served with warm crusty french bread for sopping up all that yumminess! This recipe is a keeper! Thank you!! 🙂

  85. I wish I had made a double batch! Seriously, this recipe is fantastic. The only thing I added was a splash of red wine because the bottle was already open.

    Enjoying it as we speak! (the soup, not the wine).

  86. I made this soup last night on a whim for under $10 and under 30 minutes using an electric pressure cooker! I recently had a cup at a restaurant and I was inspired to find out how it was made cause it was so good! I didnt have a bay leaf and used dried thyme. I also added chunky mushrooms because my daughter loves them and it turned out delicious! This recipe is a keeper and will share with family and friends.

    • Hi Karen! When you did this in the pressure cooker, did you brown the beef then just throw it all in and set it for 30 minutes? I’d love to actually make this tonight but wasn’t sure how well it would transfer over to my instant pot.

  87. Hi, I really love your recipes! On this one…you mention “If desired, heat 1 Tbsp vegetable oil in a large skillet over MED HIGH heat. Add beef cubes and brown for 1-2 minutes per side”. So, I’m guessing you can do it without precooking the meat?? How do you do it?? Which way is best? I’m going to do this recipe tomorrow and can’t wait to try it.

    Thanks so much and Happy New Year!! 🙂

  88. Just made this for dinner. It’s a cold,rainy and windy day, and this was the hit of the day.  Hot, tasty and filled up our belly. Only thing I did different was to thicken it up with some flour and some V eight juice. Very good. Will be making this again

  89. Hi! I have a left over brisket my husband smoked that I wanted to use in this soup. Since it is already cooked should I put it in later like half way through the cooking process?

  90. Sounds like a great recipe but the only concern I have is putting the vegetables in crockpot for 7 hours….aren’t they too mushy. I usually simmer meat much longer than the veggies.

  91. This is the best beef and barley soup, i ever had!  

  92. OMG!  I am making this soup now.  Smells amazing!  I have been using Better than Bouillon for a couple of years now.  I won’t use anything else.  I added more meat, potatoes, carrots and liquid.  I wanted a larger batch.  Just tasted it.  Best soup ever!  Thank you. 

  93.  I have  Quick pearled barley is that OK to use in the crockpot for the soup ?  Thank you.

  94. Hello, I was just wondering if I put the 2 Tbsp of better than bouillon and the 6 cups beef broth or stock?

  95. I take it this recipe does not use soup noodles?

  96. All I have is dried thyme. How much should I use? 1 teaspoon? or maybe 1 1/2? also can you leave out the bay leaves? its just not something I use that much.

  97. That looks absolutely good! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  98. This soup is perfection! My husband said it’s the best beef barley he’s ever had. Thank you. 

  99. Thank you for sharing! Can you substitute anything for the beef bouillon? Would beef broth work instead?

    • Hi Christine 🙂 If you don’t have the better than bouillon, just use the 6 cups of beef stock in the recipe (but I would definitely use stock instead of broth for added flavor) and it should taste just fine 🙂

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  101. Hi Amanda…! i love soup and these beef barley soup looks soooo yummy and delicious, i will trying to making this soup in upcoming few days. Thanks for sharing and keep shared new ideas….!

  102. Hope you’re on the mend! My family & friends in OH have all been sick, too. Then again, those of us in AZ have been, too! This is the perfect “medicine!” It looks delicious and so comforting!

  103. This soup looks fantastic! I am warming up just looking at it!

  104. I could go for a big bowl of this soup right now. It looks perfect!

  105. This soup looks absolutely fantastic! Perfect winter soup!

  106. This is warming me up just looking and thanking about it!

  107. Wishing I had that for lunch right about now.

  108. Homemade is always so much better! You did a great job!

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  110. I find that soups which contain potatoes do not freeze well. The potatoes become spongy. What is your trick? Thanks!